M16 16mm 4-pin aviation plug screw type for chassis mounting male and female

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Product Description

Plug with 4 pins that fits perfectly as a contact for stepping motors. This type is for chassis mounting and includes both female and male. For switches we recommend contacts with eg. 6 pins where one of the pins is ground

Technical Feature:

1. Rated Voltage: 400V.

2. Rated Current: 5A.

3. Contact Resistance: ≤0.005 Ω.

4. Insulation Resistance:Normal conditions no less than 1000 m Ω,Not less than 20 m Ω after the constant temperature test.

5. Testing Voltage: (50 Hz, RMS) Normal conditions 1500V,After constant temperature test 1200V.

Package Including:

1Pcs M16 16mm 6 Pin Screw Type Electrical Aviation Plug Socket Connector

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