Level your waste table

It is common to level tables on CNC machines as the top board is rarely completely straight. This is usually due to the material or that the machine is slightly skewed. If you only cut in 2-2.5 d, you usually do not need to level the table, but when engraving text or when you require precision in height, it may be needed. You can choose to level the whole waste board or a smaller piece that you screw on top of your table when ever you need it. When we build the machines, we try to be below 1 mm in precision height, but it is difficult as the top of the board can vary in thickness or the table the machine stand on is a little crooked.

Note that after you level your table, the machine should not be moved. If you move the machine, the floor may be slanted and the machine may then lose precision in height.

If you got a router bit from us that is intended for leveling tables, then these do not have the best precision and can leave streaks behind. Even if you get streaks on the table, it is so flat that it is suitable for woodworking and sign making. If you want a flatter table, then use a 6-8mm end mill, but it takes longer.

We do not have a file for this as all tables are different sizes and the choice of endmill affects the file, but it is easy to make a file yourself.

In Vcarve as an example.

  1. Draw a square the size of your waste table (top plate)
  2. Select the square and choose to make a “Pocket toolpath” Select cutting depth 1mm and your tool. If the tool is not present, make one in the tool section of the program.
  3. Loosen the right switch angle on the machine’s X-axis (right / left) so that the machine can go all the way to the right of the table.
  4. The machine’s Z-axis will strike the cable chain, to solve it, raise the Z-axis so that it can get over the chain and then lower the spindle so that it reaches the table.
  5. Run your program in the air first so that you see that the machine can access the entire waste table.

We are working on a video and will publish it as soon as we can.