How to install a modern user interface for Mach3

Mach3 is the best control program for a CNC machine but it looks very outdated. We want to continue using Mach3 and have therefore made our own user interface to bring it into the 2020s. The interface we have created is stripped down and only has the buttons we think are needed. The buttons are large and clear so you can also use Mach3 with a touch screen. We have also made the interface for different resolutions, choose between the 3 most common resolutions 1920×1080, 1366×768 and 1280×800. The interface is completely free for you who bought a machine from us, contact us with the order number and we will send you a copy of the screen. It’s easy to install this interface and you can easily switch between your current interface and ours whenever you want.

Our version (Click to enlarge)

Here’s how to install it:

If you are installing Mach3 at the same time, you can install it according to our instructions on the “Configure your machine” button and then continue below.

Download the file containing the same interface but in different resolutions. You can install all versions at once and try them all. When you find one that fits your screen, you can throw out the other versions or leave them, they don’t interfere with the system. You will be able to jump between the different versions inside Mach3 later.

After you have downloaded the file, you can unpack it by right-clicking and “unpack” or extract.

Make sure Mach3 is closed. Copy all the files you see and paste them directly into the Mach3 folder that you find in partition C: (in most cases). The folder is called Mach3. Windows will ask if you want to overwrite files, select “Yes” If windows does not ask this, you have pasted them in the wrong place.

After pasting the files from us, you can start Mach3 and go to View/Load Screens/ and select one of the following screens:


Try the different versions and see which one suits you best. You can jump between different screens and even your old one without losing your settings. Also keep in mind that Mach3 has settings for stretching the screen which can make it look completely wrong. Go to “Config/General Config” and check or uncheck the “Auto Screen Enlarge” setting

Good luck and hope the interface is useful to you.