For customers outside EU
The recipient is the importer of record and must comply with all laws and regulations of the destination. Orders shipped outside of Europe may be subject to import taxes, customs duties and fees levied by the destination country. The recipient of an international shipment may be subject to such import taxes, customs duties and fees, which are levied once a shipment reaches the recipient’s country. Additional charges for customs clearance must be fulfilled by the recipient; Rawcnc Sweden AB has no control over these charges, nor can Rawcnc Sweden predict what they may be.

Customs policies vary widely; you should contact your local customs office for more information. When customs clearance procedures are required, it can cause delays beyond our original delivery estimates. If you don’t want to pay the taxes and would like to return the gods you will be charged for all shipping and handling costs and only get a refund for the actual gods.

Payment options
You can pay by bank transfer or Paypal. Paypal is one of the most used payment systems that offer you a wide variety of payment options.

Delivery times

Delivery time is 3-7 days for parts and up to 1-3 weeks for complete kits due to import time of various parts. We are in a rural area and usually have delivery from us on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
We have the most in stock but in some cases we may run out of stock.

Delivery prices vary depending on product.

For products with free shipping. If you want to return your gods we will charge for the actual shipping costs from us to you and back. For home delivery, you will be contacted by the freight for a timing of your delivery. Therefore, always register the phone number you want to be contacted on. Schenker or DHL or any other shipping company is not responsible for lifting or transporting up stairs. Deliveries to islands or other hard-to-reach places are performed by the customer himself, delivery is done to the designated address. Reservations are made for shipments outside the delivery company standard and shipping terms, delivery delays caused by the supplier’s inability to deliver the ordered goods as well as disclaimer from all compensation to the customer at the above-mentioned events.

NOTE! We do not ship goods to islands that do not have road connections. We will charge customers afterwards if we are for invoice for ferry or the like.

For shipping outside Europe. Note that you may have to pay taxes

Rawcnc Sweden AB is responsible for ensuring that the goods arrive at the customer’s designated location in perfect condition. Upon return, the customer is fully responsible for the goods arriving to Rawcnc Sweden AB in perfect condition. In case of damaged goods, the pick-up point or the shipper must be notified immediately at the time of pick-up. Later declaration of damaged goods is not received. In case of unpaid deliveries, double transport charges and 30EUR in administration fees.

Warranty for pre made machines

We have a 2-year warranty on the machines we build. Spindle, electronics and inverter have a warranty of 1 year as this is the warranty we get from the manufacturer. The guarantee applies to normal operation of 8 hours of operation per day. If any part breaks, we will repair it free of charge during the warranty period. In case of damages, we try to fix it via email or phone. We can send parts if there are simpler repairs. If the electronics box breaks, we ask you to send it to us for repair. Do not open the electronics box but send it to us. You are responsible for the delivery to us through visits or shipping. We pay for repairs and shipping back to you. If we discover that the electronics box has been tampered with or subjected to careless handling, you will be charged for the repair and for the parts that are replaced. By careless handling we mean unnecessary dust formation shocks or temperatures that cause the electronics to break.

Warranty for kits
We have one-year Warranty on our pre-made machines. Electronic Warranty on our pre-made machines only apply if the electronics breaks without any manipulations from the user. As soon as you alter or change the electronics the Warranty is not valid. Please have this in mind when you purchase DIY kits. Since you are building the machine we cannot be responsible for any damages to the hardware or electronics. We have no Warranty on DIY kits. Whatever happens we are not able to physically come to repair any machine or product. We will solve any issues by sending new parts and it’s up to you to mount the new parts with the help of our instructions.

NOTE: The CNC kits includes wiring of high current between the power supply and the electronics. This must be done by someone experienced. High current is dangerous. We do not take responsibilities for faulty wiring or injuries. The wiring from the electronics to motors and switches are low current and harmless.

Return Policy

Note that software license can not be recalled, so there is no open purchase of software such as mach3 etc.

The distance contract law gives you as a private customer the right to return your gods within 14 days and for no special reason. Rawcnc Sweden AB always applies the distance contract law. The customer have to pay for the return freight. You can only return gods in unmounted unused and undamaged condition. Packaging is included in the reservation. Right of withdrawal 14 days do not apply to companies. Right of withdrawal does not apply to specially manufactured products or cut products, please contact us before ordering to confirm if your product is specially manufactured or not. Refunds will not be paid for the shipping charge when using the right of withdrawal. Please note the following in case of cancellation: – To notify and return the item or the essential part to Rawcnc Sweden AB within 14 days of receipt, that the item is in original condition, ie. undisturbed, not demolished or marked, – to return the item to its unmatched carton with the associated inner packaging. Missing parts upon return are charged customer Rawcnc Sweden AB net prices as well as any additional costs such as shipping etc. for these.

Always contact us before returning.

Our return address is
Rawcnc Sweden AB
Bolmängsgatan 3f
64232 Flen

Tel: 0046730244945

Mark the product clearly with your name, order number, address, phone number and an account number before sending a return to us. Only direct delivery to the above address is accepted on return.

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