Start here if you need help setting up and working with your machine

When the machine is in place and all the components are connected, you have to install software to control the machine. Starting from August 2021, we control the machines via USB with a module called UC100. Select the guide below depending on the software you selected to control the machine, Mach3 or UCCNC.

Regardless of the guide you choose below, the UC100 module you see on the right must be installed and instructions are available for both options. To know that everything works, both lights on the module should light up when you start the software after installation. If only one light is on, the installation is not complete, then try installing the module again.

Important! If you get a message that there are missing DLL files and other error messages when you start Mach3 or UCCNC, it means that your computer does not have the latest updates from Windows. Then go to Windows update and make sure to install everything that is not installed. You need something called Net frame work for the UC100 module to work. Use version 2.0, the link can be found here:

After you install Mach3 (if that is your chosen control software) you can update the appearance of the layout itself. The original version of mach3 looks old but we have created a brand new layout for the program which is easy to install, you can contact us if you have bought a machine for a copy of this update.

Now that the machine is set up, you can start building your files for cutting. If you are completely new to the field, you can watch the video below.

Instructional video for Raw Avantic. We are working on a new more updated video. But it can be useful until then. Some things like what is included in the machine have changed.

You can set up your files with an alternative CAM software called Estlcam. With Estlcam you can also cut in 3D and the price is only about 50Eur for the entire software. However, you can not draw in Estlcam but you can do it in any other program. We list a few different softwares at the bottom of this page. Visit for more

Software and plugins used in the video

Drawing software