Computer for Raw 1.5 all models. Pre-installed with Windows and Mach3 (demo)


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Product Description

To run your machine with Driver electronics you need an old or new computer with printer port. You must have a desktop computer, a laptop does not work. The computer must have a 32-bit operating system with Windows XP, 7.8 or 10. This Computer comes pre-installed with a original version of Windows 7 Professional as well as a demo version of Mach3 that can run short programs. You decide if you want to buy a full version after trying the software. We also set up your machine so you can plug it in and get started.

Why a computer with a printer port?
The best control software for a CNC machine is still Mach3 (according to us). Mach3 is old but still used in the industry and hobby. When Mach3 was created, CNC electronics were run through the printer port. There are newer software running with USB, but we and many others are experiencing problems with the USB solution so we remain with Mach3 until there is a better alternative. There are endless of plugins and support for Mach3 if you get stuck. You can change control software when there is an better alternative.

Windows 7
Windows 7 is an excellent operating system for CNC machines and this computer is pre-installed with a 32 bit Windows version. The computer should only control the machine and not be used for drawing or browsing. If you connect this computer to the internet, it is most likely to be infected with viruses. Windows 7 has no security updates anymore so don’t connect it to the Internet. Draw your files on Mac or another PC and transfer the files via home network or a USB stick

The computer is a refurbished computer from about 2010. The computer has been formatted and adapted for a CNC machine. The computer comes pre-configured and installed with a demo version of Mach3 that works fully but is limited to shorter runs, You choose if you want to buy a license for mach3. Your computer also has a genuine version of Windows 7. Note that your computer may have cosmetic defects when used.

Additional information

What kind of machine do you have?

None, Raw 1.5 ball screw and ball screw Z-axis, Raw 1.5 ball screw and trapezoidal Z-axis, Raw 1.5 or EXTENDED with racks and trapezoidal Z-axis, Raw 1.5 or EXTENDED with racks and ball screw Z-axis

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