Washers in different sizes

From: 0,40

From: 0,40
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Use washers like these when building your Raw machine. It is important that the measure is correct in thickness.
The larger washers are also used for belt rollers if the machine has timing belts as a drive.

  • Designation: BRB
  • Material: Steel HV200
  • Surface treatment: Untreated

Additional information


M3 (3.2x7x0,5), M4 (4,3x9x0,8), M5 (5,3x10x1mm), M6 (6,4x12x1,5mm), M8 (8,4x16x1,5mm), M8 (8x25x1,5mm), M4 (4,3x15x1,5mm), M5 (5,3x20x1,5mm), M6 (6,4x20x1,5mm)


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