Shaft-clamp for 8mm steel rod for aluminum or V-slot profile with 6mm slot

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Product Description

This profile fits all profiles that have 6mm slot (groove) and also V-Slot and C-Beam profiles. Note that European standard on profiles in the 20×20 series has a 5mm slot. We sell profiles with 6mm slot so that you can also use V-slot profiles which are very popular. If you have a Raw machine before August 2019 then you have 5mm slot and this profile does not fit that standard.

These clamping profiles are used with steel shaft 8mm and are sold in full lengths of 100cm. If you need longer, these can be joined together without affecting the result.

We want as tight fit as possible, and you can follow these steps. Start by placing your aluminum profile on a flat and blunt surface. Place the shaft clamp in the slot and knock it down with a rubber hammer. You should have a piece of wood between the hammer and shaft clamp so that the shaft clamp is not damaged. Start from an edge and continue away. When the profile is squeezed down, it may be lose since it´s slightly bent.

Place your steel shaft in the groove of the shaft clamp and knock it down in the same way. As we force down the steel rod, the shaft clamp expands and is wedged. When everything is in place, nothing should move.

Material: Aluminum

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