Large Switches (for the Extended machine)

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Product Description

Large switches for the Extended model or if you want to replace the smaller ones. These switches are more accurate that the smaller ones.
Look at the video and illustrations on how to build an Extended machine for instructions on how to mount them. The screw holes are only 4mm on the switches, but we open the upper hole with a 5mm drill. Opening the holes may damage the switch so it’s up to you if you like to drill a hole or use a 4mm screw instead.

If you decide to open the holes, go slow and press the drill away from the switch button so that the hole is as far back as possible. The drill will go in to the actual housing and plastic from the drilling might be stuck in the mechanics. If you press the drill against the back the hole will not pass the housing.


Fasten the cables on the two upper terminals.

Product Configuration:  
– LXW5-11M Micro Switch  
– Contact Type:1NO/1NC 
– Model: LXW5-11M  
– Max Voltage:3A 
– Max.Current:250V AC 
– Shell material:Rubber – Hole diameter:25mm 
– Mechanical life:1 million times or more 
– Colour:Black 
– Terminal:Screw 


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