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This product is only an option for anyone who wants help building the electric box itself. We use the electronics from the kit you ordered. We include, installation of the box, on/off button, new electric box, stop button and DIN plugs.

The electronics are the most complicated part of a machine and you can choose to buy it ready-assembled in a box that you only plug in and run or build it yourself by following our instructions.

We recommend Drivers over Arduino. Arduino is simpler electronics and we do not manufacture finished electric boxes with Arduino.

This product will help you a bit on the way. The electronics that are mounted in this box are from the kit you have chosen and usually with drivers and breakout board. The electronics are with LPT port and require an older computer with printer port (LPT) in the motherboard. One alternative is to use a special adapter that you can find here: UC100. This adapter translates the signals from LPT to USB, which means you can use any Windows computer you want as long as it has USB port. We will build the box and solder the female DIN pluggs but you have to solder the Male DIN contacts yourself. We will include instructions for this.

Shielded cables
You do not need to shield the machine with this kind of electronics as it is not sensitive to it. The reason we do not shield the electronics in the box is that if only one of your cables is incorrectly soldered then all drivers can be damaged due to short circuit. By not having the shielding connected as standard, any faults are isolated to only one driver. Make sure your cables, especially the shielding, are properly connected if you want the machine’s cables shielded.

If you want to shield your cables, then shielding the switches will be enough. The motors do not usually need to be shielded.


We don’t have any warranties on this product. Everything is thoroughly tested, and we know that everything is in order when the electronics leave us. If you short circuit your motors, a driver may become defective and then it must be replaced. Keep this in mind, if you short-circuit the electronics, you have to buy new parts.

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30x30x10 cm, 40x30x10 cm

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