Double shielded cable for spindle or larger step motors 15-16AWG (1.5mm2)

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Product Description

This cable can be used for Nema 34 motors or your spindle controlled by an inverter. We also have 18AWG unshielded cable for Nema 34 engines which is cheaper and sufficient for most.

You should always shield the spindle cable to avoid interference. If your machine stops unexpectedly when cutting, it may be because the cable between the spindle and the inverter interferes with the system. If you want to put the spindle cable among your other cables, you have to shield that cable.

By shielding it is meant to connect the braid that surrounds all cables to a ground outlet but only on one side to avoid a loop. You can also shield the spidndle cable on ground inside the inverter. Note that, just because you ground the shield, the spindle is not grounded, you should also make sure to do so.

Asia has no rules for grounding so your spindle can be ungrounded. Connect the spindle with 3 cables (See marking on the spindle 1,2 and 3) if your spindle has a 4th pin it may be ground, but not always, try to see if you have contact between the housing of the spindle and 4th pin. If you do not, you can open the spindle and solder it. It is easier to pull the fourth cable to the housing and ground it from the outside.

Price is per meter!

If you have a login to our site, there are guides to connect the spindle.


Double shielded soft cable RGB RVVP
300V (only used for 240v spindles)
4 × 1.5mm2 (15-16AWG)

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