4-way jack socket Spring release connector For solder-free cable connection

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Product Description

For quick Connection/disconnection of low voltage cables from box to eg. motors and switches. Use these contacts if you do not want to solder your connections. You also need crimps 4.8 × 0.5mm red to connect the cables to the sockets. You can of course solder that connection too. For the cable to sit well in the clamp, the cable should be folded, see picture.


  • Rated Load: AC 100V / 1.5A
  • Contact Resistance: <= 0.03 Ohm
  • Insulation Resistance: >= 100M Ohm
  • Actuating Force: 1 Kgf
  • Color Polarity Coding: Red/Black
  • Features: 4 pins, 4 positions, spring load design, push type speaker terminal board.
  • This spring loaded terminals ensure a solid connection and make wire hookups a put.
  • Specilized design to your custom speakers or speaker upgrades for speaker cable connecting.
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