Ball screw 1610, 1000-1500mm long with nut.


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Product Description

The ball screw is 16mm in diameter and has a pitch of 10mm and machined at both ends. The ball screw comes with nut. We use locking bearings to secure the screw, but you can also use standard fasteners such as BK12 BF12 or similar.

When you build a Raw 1.5 with ball screw, the screw should be 1.5cm longer than the 20×80 profiles for Y and X-axis. A machine that is e.g. 130cm (1300mm) in the X-axis  should have a screw that is exactly 131.5cm (1315mm). Traveling speed of the machine ​​with the electronics we use is max 4000mm / min. You usually cut in about 1500-3000mm / min

We recommend that you build your machine max 1300mm length in any direction. You can build the machine longer but the ball screw vibrates more as the ball screw does not manage to stay completely straight. To work around this, you can slow down when cutting. We have ourselves built ball screw machines with 1610 ball screws up to 2000mm, and for us it worked well but this is entirely up to you.

We order the screws directly from the factory with a delivery time of about 2-3 weeks. If you need special dimensions then you can contact us for price.

The options in the drop-down menu are for machines with the dimensions:
990mm (1005mm screw)
1200mm (1215mm screw)
1300mm (1315mm screw)
1500mm (1515mm screw)

Additional information

Screw length

1005mm, 1215mm, 1315mm, 1515mm

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