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Raw 1.5, A cnc machine that really works!

Raw is one of the strongest and most professional DIY CNC machines in the market for the same price as many other similar machines. Other machines are mostly based on the V-slot concept and has plastic wheels directly against the aluminum profile which is good until you get aluminum shavings between the two. A standard Raw machine comes with Steel wheels that rolls on a steel axis. A Raw machine uses 15mm steel reinforced timing belts instead of 6 or 9mm belt that is more suitable for 3D printers. And the best part is that you can upgrade Raw to racks, tougher electronics and make it up to 180x130cm in size.

Our new CNC kit will be released in the middle of December. If you are interested in a kit, please send us an email with the title, “Interested in a kit” and we will contact you once the kits are available. Everyone who send us a mail will be first in line to be able to purchase a kit. We can only deliver a certain amount of kits in the beginning due to import time of parts. Read more about the kit below.

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