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Shipping costs
The shipping cost for our kits are very expensive. We don’t make any profits from shipping, we even pay a part of it. The larger kits comes in 4-5 packages with sizes up to 190cm (6 feet) in length.

As a EU member you need to pay Swedish tax of 25% if you don’t own a valid company. If you own a company, you will need to enter your VAT number at checkout and the tax will not be added to the price. We will check with the registry to see that you have a valid company, if not we will charge you the tax even after delivery.

Non EU members in Europe (Norway, Switzerland, US and the rest of the world)
The tax is not added in our shop but you will be required to pay your tax at the border. Please contact your customs for more information.

If you do not see your country listed, please contact us and we will add it to the shop.

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