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Raw 1.5 has been released, you can check it out on our Swedish page www.cncmaskiner.org/

You can purchase the drawings from our Swedísh site  http://cncmaskiner.org/produkt/stenciler-dxf-filer-samt-instruktioner/


Raw is a DIY CNC machine that anyone can build with parts from us or others. There is many similar machines and they are all good, but if you want to use your machine professionally you need to make it stronger and that’s the whole purpose with the Raw project. For our Swedish visitors you can visit www.cncmaskiner.org if you like.

So how do i build this awesome machine?
It’s easy you can buy the parts from www.cncmaskiner.org or from some where else. You will how ever need the plates. You can purchase them pre-cut or make them your self with our stencils. Go to www.cncmaskiner.org to find out more.  When you have the plates you can start building the machine. The build is well documented with pictures and YouTube videos.

Help us to improve Raw1.3!
We want you to contribute, we need Raw1.3 machines with laser, 3D printing and plasma add-ons. By switching the Z-axis all this will be possible. We will have a section where you can present your ideas. Let us know if you want to participate.

If you are new to all this
We will publish articles that will help you to understand DIY CNC machines. It might look complicated but with some help it’s relatively simple, but you will need some activity in your brain to pull it off, but not much…

So start of buy reading some articles and you are half way in. you will find the articles in the menu above or below




Raw 1.5

Raw 1.5 will be released in April 2017… Like us on Facebook for the latest news Read more

Raw 1.3 User Instructions

This text is not fully translated, Google is translating untill im done. Raw 1.3 Instructions A Raw machine is more than just a hobby machine. Its able to cut quickly and in good precision. But there is a reason that a raw machine costs a fraction of what an industrial machine does. The difference is Read more

Cutting parts from start to finish

Here is a video of typical work flow when working with your machine. I use 3 different softwares to cut my pieces. For 3D objects i use a free version of Google Sketchup. Tool Paths: You will need a “Tool Path” software, there is many free versions but i use V-carve Mach3 or similar to Read more

Final version of Raw1.3

Finally… Now the Raw1.3 is complete and this is the final version and now its time for the next Raw model, check out the video for details  If you have an older version you can upgrade to the new version by checking out the exploded drawings on http://www.cncmaskiner.org or http://www.rawcnc.com I´ll keep you all updated Read more

Raw compared with V-slot machines

Raw compared with V-slot machines V-slot machines like OX CNC and X-carve or shapeoko CNC has a similar appearance as a Raw machine as they are all based on aluminum profiles in size 20×20-80cm but there ends any similarities. A Raw machine is much stronger than any of the foregoing. The price situation is fairly Read more

Paint your Raw plates

To paint aluminum If you paint directly on aluminum the color will come off. You will need some kind of primer or filler (spray putty) first before you paint them. You can do like this: Grind all the plates with a sandpaper to roughen the surface a little. Then spray the sheets with a spray Read more

How to build the larger Raw machine

  A new machine is on its way in so the Raw1.3 machine will no longer be continued. Raw1.3 is an awesome machine but its quite expencive to build compared to the new Raw S-series, no need to buy the DXF files for raw 1.3 anymore, here they are for free along with all de Read more

Raw1.3 the budget version

You can build a Raw1.3 machine cheaper and almost as good as the original. The only difference is the choice of materials and what the machine will be used for. Click on the pictures to see in more detail (opens in new windows). 1. Instead of the aluminum brackets that can cost around 1.5Eur pcs, Read more

Raw 1.3 with rack and pinion

Now the Rawmachine is updated so that you can choose to have rack and pinoin instead of belts or screw. Rack and pinion is a very good option if you want to go fast and in detail. Look at the images below to see some examples. Using Rack and pinion To avoid “Backlash” It’s not Read more

Make Raw1.3 Z-axis higher

Do you need extra height of the machine to cut thicker materials then you can manufacturer new corner plates, side plates or simply lower the table. Look at the video below for different solutions. When buying stencils from Motedis you will also get a stencil for the higher corner plates. You can click for larger Read more

Raw 1.3 with lead screws

It’s possible to have screw drive instead of belts on your Raw1.3 machine you just need to replace some parts on your machine. The stencils for these plates are included in the RawPack. Why screw? If you use your machine for engraving or aluminum cutting then screws are a better option as they have a Read more

CNC software

Mach3   We are distributors of the Mach series that is the best CNC software on the market! To run a CNC machine you need to write data to the machine in the form of G code. It may look like this: Make your 3D frawing in any CAD program (there are good free programs Read more

4 motors on a 3-axle machine?

4 motors on a 3-axle machine? As you may have seen most that build a 3-axis machine (up-down, left-right, front-rear) have 4 lead screws or belts and 4 motors. One motor for the Z-axis (up-down) one for the X-axis (left-right) and two for the Y-axis (front-back). XYZ axes can be confusing. When we talk CNC machine Read more

Home or limit switches

Home or limit switches A switch is a small on/off button that sits at 5-6 spots on your machine. One on each side of an axis. The z-axis (up down) has only one on top. These switches are the machine’s way to understand where it is located or if it traveled outside their area of Read more

Shielded cables what does it mean?

Shielded cables what does it mean? When it’s time to connect your stepper motors and switches, choose shielded cables only. Even if it works well when you test your machine with regular cables, I promise you that you will have problems if you choose the wrong cables. A shielded cable has a metal or foil Read more

Instruction videos

Instructions for building a Raw 1.3 Here you can see how to build a Raw 1.3 machine. Along with the exploded drawings and videos it’s easy to build the machine.   Look at the videos in larger windows so that you can see all the details. You can also subscribe to my YouTube channel to Read more

Cutting aluminium

Cutting aluminium with a Raw1.3 machine Cutting aluminum is difficult. It takes the right speeds and your machine must be stable enough to handle the task. A poorly built machine with a lot of “Backlash” will not work. Raw1.3 machine has been rebuilt several times to cope with the task. So how do you cut Read more

Cutting wood

 Cutting wood with a Raw machine   Raw machine cuts out a cabin door. Open it in a large window so you can see the details … Read more

Building CNC machines

Build your own machine There are several ways to tackle the task. One is to seek out various forums and look for drawings and good advice. I’m the type who dives into projects and cannot be bothered to go slow, but I have found out that errors are very expensive in the CNC world and Read more

Assembling your own Raw 1.3 machine

You can purchase the drawings from our Swedísh site  http://cncmaskiner.org/produkt/stenciler-dxf-filer-samt-instruktioner/         These machines are the result of many years tests with different designs and materials. The whole idea of the Raw series is to give you the opportunity to build a CNC machine that you can actually use professionally in your workshop Read more

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