Ball screw 1605-1610, 300-1500mm long with nut.

From: 40

From: 40
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Product Description

The ball screw is 16mm in diameter and has a pitch of 10mm and machined at both ends.

Note that the screws have different pitches (distance per revolution):

300 = 5mm incline
350 = 5mm incline
460 = 5mm incline
1005 = 10mm incline
1315 = 10mm incline

The ball screw comes with nut. We use locking bearings to secure the screw, but you can also use standard fasteners such as BK12 BF12 or similar.

This is screw that fits our machine kits 990 and 1300mm in length.

Additional information

Screw length

300mm, 350mm, 460mm, 1005mm, 1215mm, 1315mm, 1515mm

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