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We are closed July. If you place an order, we will deliver the machine in the middle of August. If you are interested in a machine, you can place an order without paying, choose bank transfer as an alternative. We charge shortly before delivery and you can contact us if you changed your mind, no question asked. You can contact us if you have any questions on 0046730244945. 

Raw Avantic is our latest model and a further development from our previous models, Raw 1.5 and Raw 2.0. Raw Avantic is built of aluminum but in the same way as an industrial machine with high-quality linear bearings from Hiwan and a real Z-axis that can pass its own axis.The cutting depth is 165mm (Compared to about 110mm for our previous models).

These machines are so-called Desktop machines, they need a table to stand on. The reason for this design is that it should be easy to transport the machine and take it through doors and stairs. You can build your own table of wood, steel or aluminum or buy one of our tables that are adapted for the machine. the only requirement is that the table should hold the weight and be in level.

Raw Avantic is more intended for working with wood, but it is also possible to cut in harder materials such as Aluminum but on a smaller scale. The precision is good with an accuracy of about 0.1mm. Without load or at low speeds, the accuracy is the same as any industrial machine, but under load, Aluminum is not as rigid as Steel.

Avantic comes with a powerful 2.2kw air or water cooled spindle with collets between 1-13mm. The speed of the machine is up to an incredible 15,000mm/min and comparable to expensive industrial machines.Our previous models and others on the market have a speed of between 4-6000 mm min.What enables the speed are the spring-loaded motors, fixed racks, and the quality of the plain bearings we use.

Why an Aluminum Machine?
Aluminum machines do not weigh as much as a steel machine. If you compare a larger Avantic that weighs about 150kg, a steel machine weighs up to 2 tons in the same dimensions.
A steel machine can only stand on concrete floors while an Avantic can stand wherever you want and can also be carried up or down stairs. A steel machine requires a truck that can unload 2 tons and wide doors, while an Avantic can be moved with a pallet lift and through doors. If the machine is in the way, it can be moved. Aluminum does not have the same precision as steel, but if you cut in wood, plastic or aluminum, a precision of 0.1mm is more than enough. Aluminum is about twice as expensive as steel, but we have chosen to only build machines in this material as the benefits are many. An aluminum machine sounds more than a steel machine. The sound comes from the rack that sits against the aluminum profiles when jogging the machine back and forth. It is not loud, but you can hear it more on aluminum machines.

Raw Avantic is manufactured in Sweden and developed by us who previously worked as furniture carpenters. The machine came as an alternative to the expensive, heavy Asia machines that usually have a delivery time of 3-4 months and with questionable support. We always have personal support and guarantees.

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Describing the machine requires a lot of text so here is a summary, more advanced text below

  • The machine is complete, and you can start cutting with it immediately.
  • The machine can be ordered in three different sizes, 1500x2000mm with cutting surface: (W) 1100mm x (L) 1750mm, 1180x1350mm with cutting surface: (W) 720 x (L) 1060 mm and 1180x1000mm with cutting surface: (W) 720 x (L) 720mm
  • It is not difficult to operate the machine. All the text below makes it look complicated but it’s simple.
  • You need a drawing software like Google Sketchup, Adobe illustrator, Coreldraw or Inkscape. You can use any drawing software you want if you can get a .DXF file of your model. You can draw in MAC or Windows. Also look at Fusion360 which has a built-in CAM software for CNC machines. There should be a free version of that software at the time of writing.
  • You need a CAM software. CAM software is where you set speed and depth of your work piece among other things. We recommend that you start with a cheaper software called Estlcam.com. Estlcam is perfect to start with as it is cheap (Approx. 50Eur). If you grow out of it, we recommend Vcarve Pro which is a more expensive software. If you have a drawing software called Fusion 360, there is a built-in CAM function.
  • The machines are so-called “Desktop machines”, which means that you need to make a table for it or buy one from us.
  • If you are unsure of which options are right for you, then look below under the heading “Options (Click on the tabs)”

Options (click on the tabs)

Aluminum Table

The machines are so-called “Desktop machines”, which means that you need to make a table for it. We recommend that you build it as wide as the machine and about 30-40 cm longer, so that you can fit a screen and keyboard in front of the machine. The table can be made of wood, aluminum, or steel. The only requirements are that it is 100% in level. If you do not have time to build a table, you can buy one from us. The tables we manufacture are adapted to the machine and made of strong aluminum. The table has adjustable feet. Under the table is a shelf for electronics. The table comes in parts and must be assembled on site. The table is about 75cm high. PLEASE NOTE that we do not send the boards for the table but only aluminum profiles as well as the hardware and glue.

The tables come in two sizes,

  • For Avantic 2000x1500mm, the table size is 2320x1420mm without top board. (the top board should protrude about 2cm around)
  • For Avantic 1000x1180mm and 1300x1180mm, the table size is 1460x1160mm without a top board. (the top board should protrude about 2cm around)

Choices that can be made at the top of this page

Include Aluminum table

  • Yes
  • No


Control software, UCCNC or MACH3, what should you choose?
The control software is the program you use to control the machine after you have drawn and set up your files. UCCNC is more modern than Mach3 but Mach3 has been around longer and contains more features. UCCNC is slightly cheaper than Mach3.

Pros and Cons
Mach3 is the best control software in our opinion, but a software that will disappear when they switch to Mach4. Mach4 do not have all the features as Mach3 so we recommend UCCNC as an alternative for now.

Mach3 looks outdated but the most used in the world, which means that there is more support and features. The disadvantage of Mach3 is that it is controlled with the printer port (LPT) and computers with LPT are no longer manufactured. We have a solution for this called UC100. UC100 converts LPT signals to USB so you can use Mach3 on a modern computer, read more below.


Mach3 with UC100 module
Select Mach3 with UC100 if you think you need other features such as optical camera, 4th axis or ATC. You will find codes as well as plugins for it quite easily but finding it to UCCNC will be difficult. In the Mach3 option, it comes with a UC100 module that allows you to control the machine with any Windows computer. We send with instructions on how to install software and module.



UCCNC with UC100 module

Select UCCNC if you want a more modern user interface and if you want to work with the machine as it is without expecting too much features. You will have most features but installing other features can be difficult as the program is new. UCNC will have all these features in the futore but it may be harder to find. UCNC allows you to run on any Windows computer you want, new or old. As long as you have a USB port available. NOTE that the tool used to calibrate height and edges (probe) does not work fully with UCCNC, you can only calibrate the height and not the edges, there is ways to do this but not with the tool we include. We will have this available as soon as we find a solution for it. You can do well without this as the machine has proximity switches that zero the machine just as accurately.

Whatever you choose above, you can switch to another option whenever you want, the machine is compatible with all software that uses more advanced electronics.

The last but best option is for more advanced users. Use a used computer with LPT port and install a 32-bit Windows system. Install Mach3 and run the machine via the LPT port. We have a video below on how to do this.

Choices that can be made at the top of this page

Control software

  • None (if you already have Mach3 or UCCNC and computer)
  • UC100 module only (if you already have Mach3 or UCCNC)
  • Mach3 with  UC100 (we include a module and instructions so you can run the machine on your Windows computer)
  • UCCNC with  UC100 (we include instructions so you can run the machine on your Windows computer)

2.2kw air cooled spindle

An air-cooled 2.2 kw spindle with inverter is included. These spindles are really strong, quiet and reliable. We use these ourselves and have done so for many years. With this spindle you can use inserts from 1-13mm (ER 20). IWe include various end mills to get you started. Air cooling works well down to 10,000rpm, while water-cooled spindles can run at very low speeds. It is not much you cut that has speeds below 10,000rpm with these machines, so you can choose air cooling as an option. The lowest speeds we use are when we cut aluminum or plastic and then we are at about 12,000rpm.

2.2kw water cooled spindle

A water-cooled spindle is as above but has a pump that pumps around water to cool the spindle. This is good if you have plans to run the spindle at a speed lower than 10,000rpm. With water-cooled spindles, the pump must be running, otherwise there is a risk of burning the spindle. We have had a couple of incidents when the user forgot to start the pump and the spindle broke. We therefore have no guarantee for burned spindles, it is the user’s full responsibility to have the pump running. We include pumps, hoses and water tanks.

Machine size

The machine comes in 3 different sizes. We get many requests for larger machines, but we do not build them larger. Cutting whole boards MDF is impractical, and a better alternative is to put on smaller boards as they are easier to handle and attach to the table. If you want to cut longer pieces than the machine, you can do so by pushing the piece forward, see video at the bottom of this text.

Size of 1500x2000mm machine

  • Machine footprint approx. (W) 1500 x 2000mm
  • Working area: (W) 1220mm x (L) 2000mm (the board can protrude, for example an entire MDF board)
  • Max cut-out: (W) 1100mm x (L) 1750mm
  • Weight: 160 kg (without table)
  • Height below Z-axis: 165mm

Size of 1180x1350mm machine

  • Machine footprint (W) 1180x (L) 1350mm
  • Working area: (W) 890x (L) 1350mm
  • Max cut-out: (W) 720 x (L) 1060 mm
  • Weight: 90 kg (without table)
  • Height below Z-axis: 165mm

Size of 1180x1000mm machine

  • Machine footprint (W) 1180x (L) 1000mm
  • Working area: (W) 890x (L) 1000mm
  • Max cut-out: (W) 720 x (L) 720mm
  • Weight: 70 kg (without table)
  • Height below Z-axis: 165mm

What can I cut with a Raw Avantic?
Soft wood, hard wood, Mdf, plastic, aluminum, Sign production, 3D carving and engraving etc. Note that aluminum is difficult to learn to cut and there are better machines for it such as laser or water jet.If you only want to cut aluminum, you should look at more expensive industrial machines.We have cut thousands of meters of Aluminum ourselves with the machines, but it is difficult to learn.The machine is mostly for hardwood, wood, and softer materials such as plastic. Do not buy the machine if you are only going to cut in Aluminum.


Instruction video for Avantic

3D cutting

Is it difficult to use the machine?
No, you learn right away.The only difficult thing is to draw your parts, the rest is easy. Once you have cut your first piece, you will understand.

Consumption table (Waste board)
The consumption table is made of black Valchromat. Valchromat is a stronger MDF that can withstand water better if you treat it with oil or hard wax oil. The table is easy to replace as it consists of two tables, a base table, and a consumption table. You can easily cut out a new consumable table in MDF or Valchromat after you have worn out the old one. The consumption table lasts about 6 months. Files for a new consumption table can be downloaded from the website.
The table is of infinity type, which means that you can cut pieces longer than the table by pushing it forward between runs. You can also choose to use vacuum suction by buying vacuum cups on eg eBay. Vacuum cups are placed on the table and you can fasten your pieces using them. We prefer to fasten the workpiece with the included clamps. Using vacuum is up to the user.

Aluminum bed
You can have an aluminum bed for the machine if you prefer. We do not include this to keep the weight down. A Valchromat table works just as well, but you can mount aluminum rails like industrial machines. You can remove the top plate and screw them directly into the table. (see picture) Here you will find aluminum beds: Motedis

Avantic has 6 safety, homing and calibration switches for safety and precision.The switches are so-called Proximity switches that have no mechanical parts.Proximity switches are extremely accurate so that the machine can return to its “home” with the best possible precision.The safety switches ensure that the machine cannot go too far. The safety switches stop the system and spindle as soon as the machine goes too far in any direction.Avantiv uses 4 motors instead of 3 like many others. By using a 4th motor, we can calibrate the machine so that it always starts at a 90-degree angle.

CE certified
This machine has a genuine European CE certification. 

Certificates, Standards and compliance

  • Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
  • EMC Directive 2014/30/EU
  • RoHS Driective 2011/65EU
  • EN-ISO 12100:2010
  • EN-ISO 19085-1:2017
  • EN-ISO 19085-3:2017
  • EN 50581:2012
  • EN 50370-1:2005
  • EN 50370-2:2003
  • IEC 60204-12018

Precision is a balance between user and machine. It’s about how good your drawings are, spindle, speed and how fast you cut. At a normal speed of about 2-4000m / min, the machine has the same accuracy as expensive industrial machines, but it is entirely up to the user. The machine is built to mainly cut wood, plastic and similar materials. This machine is the result of many years of development. We have cut several thousand meters of material with machines like these and done it daily for many years.

Paypal fees are very high in terms of these amounts, we ask you to make a bank payment.

As a EU member you need to pay Swedish tax of 25% if you don’t own a valid company. If you own a valid company, you will need to enter your VAT number at checkout and the tax will not be added to the price. We will check with the registry to see that you have a valid company, if not we will have to charge you the tax even after delivery.

Shipping a CNC machine is expensive. You can use your own shipping company but let us know beforehand. If you choose to have the machine sent, it will come disassembled. It takes 20 minutes to assemble the machine. You can also choose to pick the machine up if you have the possibilities.

Mounting the machine
If you get the machine delivered, you will need tools to screw the machine together. Screwing the machine together takes about 20 minutes and you will need:

  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Allen key 6mm and 4mm
  • Someone who will help you to lift the heavy parts


  • Color: Black
  • Spindle: 2.2 kw air or water cooled, speed: 10,000 – 24,000 rpm
  • 6x Proximity switch for safety, zeroing and calibration
  • Control: PC with Mach3 software or UCCNC
  • Ball screw: On the Z-axis
  • Rack drive: On X, A and Y axis
  • Nema 23 motors, spring-loaded
  • Linear guides on all axles, HIWIN type
  • Voltage: 230V / 10 amp single phase
  • Waste board with clamps
  • Aluminum table with adjustable feet as an option
  • CE certified

Size of 1500x2000mm machine

  • Machine footprint approx. (W) 1500 x 2000mm
  • Working area: (W) 1220mm x (L) 2000mm (the board can protrude, for example an entire MDF board)
  • Max cut-out: (W) 1100mm x (L) 1750mm
  • Weight: 160 kg (without table)
  • Height below Z-axis: 165mm

Size of 1180x1350mm machine

  • Machine footprint (W) 1180x (L) 1350mm
  • Working area: (W) 890x (L) 1350mm
  • Max cut-out: (W) 720 x (L) 1060 mm
  • Weight: 90 kg (without table)
  • Height below Z-axis: 165mm

Size of 1180x1000mm machine

  • Machine footprint (W) 1180x (L) 1000mm
  • Working area: (W) 890x (L) 1000mm
  • Max cut-out: (W) 720 x (L) 720mm
  • Weight: 70 kg (without table)
  • Height below Z-axis: 165mm


  • 90-degree calibration at start-up
  • 6 safety, home and calibration switches
  • Calibration functions to calibrate all directions, left, right, up, down and height
  • “Homing” of machine with Proximity switch for extra accuracy
  • Speeds up to 15000mm/min
  • Cut in wood, plastic and soft metal
  • LED lights below the X-axis
  • Light weight and suitable for plastic and wooden floors
  • Support by phone and email

This is included

  • Raw Avantic CE certified CNC machine
  • Electronic box that can be unplugged for easy service
  • Calibration plate to calibrate X, Y and Z axis, ie all axes.
  • 80mm Air-cooled spindle with inverter connected to CNC electronics
  • 80mm Dust collector
  • Keys for spindle 22 and 30mm
  • 13 ER20 collets for spindle 1-13mm
  • 4x Clamps to hold down the workpiece
  • 1×3.175mm endmill with 2 straight flutes
  • 1x4mm endmill with 2 straight flutes
  • 1x6mm endmill with 2 spiral flutes
  • Instruction manual for CNC machine
  • Instruction manual for Spindle
  • Instruction videos
  • Support by phone or email



All videos below are our previous model
This is what the flow can look like when you build furniture with a Raw CNC machine



Visit Vectric.com for more video instructions on how to set up your files. It may look complicated but it’s easy.

Additional information

Control software

Mach3 with UC100 module, None, UC100 module, UCCNC with UC100 module

Include aluminum table

No, Yes

Machine size

1000x1180mm, 1350x1180mm, 2000x1500mm

Type of spindle

Air cooled spindle

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