Wireless Mach3 MPG Handwheel for CNC and Mach3. Supports 4-axis with 40 meter reception

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Product Description

Features :

1. wireless operation,to bring you convenience and practicality of the operation.
2. 15 meter wireless transmission distance,stable and reliable data transmission
3. It max support 4 axis. the 4th axis- A axis, no A=0 function ( A axis functions are not as much as the other 3 axis)
4. All the buttons can be programmable
5. About the hand wheel, you move slow, the machine runs slow; also you move fast, the machine runs fast.

Rich real-time display of large screen LCD:
1. Display include:machine status,run,pause,idle,step value
2. Display X y Z axis workplace coordinate and x y z axis machine coordinate
3. Show the feed rate spindle speed

Band switch for easy operation:
1. switching X-axis coordinate regulation
2. switching y-axis coordinate regulation
3. switching z-axis coordinate regulation
4. switch hand wheel guide
5. feed adjustment switch
6. speed control switch

HandWheel Introduce:
1. Switch band to x,will jog x.the lcd MC will show machine coordinate. The WC will show work offset coordinate.
2. Switch band to y, will jog y, the lcd MC will show machine coordinate. The WC will show work offset coordinate.
3. Switch band to z, will jog z, the lcd MC will show machine coordinate. The WC will show work offset coordinate.
4. Switch band to a, will jog a, the lcd MC will show machine coordinate. The WC will show work offset coordinate.
5. Switch band to spindle, will adjust spindle speed the lcd S: will show current spindle speed and the percent number of maximum spindle speed.
6. Switch band to feed, will adjust feed speed. the lcd F:will show current feed speed and the percent number of maximum feed speed.

Product features

  • The RF is Standard with 2.4G ISM ,the Tx power is 0DB and the RX sensitivity is -98DB.
  • The RF has 64 channels,the channel gap is 1Mhz.
  • The protocol Designed with high performance; Low power consumption; Automatic learning ID Number.
  • To jump frequency Adaptively when noised ,which can work with 2.4G wireless Mic ,Wlan and Bluetooth etc. devices.
  • Has the function of the hand wheel, 100PPR the manual pulse generator output.
  • Display, real-time display of the machine the workpiece coordinates, mechanical coordinates, Coordinates X, Y, and Z three-axis with the screen display.

Before using the hand wheel, install the driver file, mode of operation is as follows:

2. XHC-ShuttlePro Installation

2.1) When Mach3 is installed , there will be a folder created named ldquoPlugInsrdquo in the Mach3 folder. This folder is the location to put and Plugin files that you want Mach3 to know about. Place

ldquoXHC-ShuttlePro.dllrdquo in the Mach3PlugIns folder. Check and make sure it is there.

Setup diver for Probe Z surface function; M930.m1s copy the installation directory to the

MACH3 ..Mach3macrosMach3Mill

2.2) Now that the XHC-ShuttlePro.dll file is in Mach3PlugIns, the next step is to connect the huttlePro. If you are certain that your ShuttlePro is working and your hardware is working then you can simply plug in the ShuttlePro to one of the USB ports.

2.3) Once the ShuttlePro is connected, start Mach3 and go to the ldquoConfigrdquo menu choice and select ldquoConfigPluginsrdquo. You should see the ShuttlePro choice with a green checkmark in front of it. If it is not checked, you can check it. The checkmark means that Mach3 found the ShuttlePro on tartup. Click the ldquoCONFIGrdquo in yellow and set the buttons as you wish.

2.4) Once you have the proper button selected in the Mach3 ShuttlePro Plugin CONFIG menu, your Shuttle device should be working properly.

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