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Product Description

When you purchase this item, you will get access to the extra material on our site that will help you to build the machine. The extra material contains detailed illustrations of all 3 versions of the machine, Mach3 settings, Spindle settings, Auto tool settings and illustrations of the electronics. We have to grant access manually so please give us 24 hours to enable your membership.

If you need a machine longer than 100cm in any direction we recommend that you upgrade to racks and pinion instead of timing belt. The machine must be stronger and some of the plates needs to be replaced. As you can see the base is higher and constructed of 20x60mm profiles instead of 20x40mm. The package includes the new plates and all the hardware needed like spacers and screws. The new plates gives 2cm extra clearance under the Z-axis and are stronger with the double plate system. You need to buy Racks, profiles and steel support locally or from a internet store that ships to your country. A god source in Europe are Motedis.com.

We dont recomend you to build a Raw machine larger than 180x130cm.

To upgrade to 180x130cm machine you need this package and

Note that we only have time for basic support when upgrading. We refer you to the drawings and illustrations that is included in the upgrade package. The drawings are a step by step instruction and easy to follow.

The package includes (over 200 pieces):

  • 2 Extra side plates in 4mm aluminum
  • 1 New X-axis back plate  in 4mm aluminum
  • 4 New corner plates in 8mm thick aluminum
  • All M5 screw needed
  • All M5 Nut needed
  • All M5 washers needed
  • All M8 screw needed
  • All M8 Nut needed
  • All M8 washers needed
  • Mounting screw 38mm
  • T-nuts M5
  • Stripes
  • Steel brackets
  • Spacers 30mm 24pcs
  • Tension Wheels
  • Aluminum brackets
  • Reuse Connection plates from belt version
  • Drawings/illustrations of the upgrade process.
  • 2 new and 1 extra switch for calibration (larger switches)
  • Extra cable for new switch

You can still use the electronics that came with your other machine kit but if you need a stronger machine then its a good idea to upgrade from arduino to drivers. The ones we sell on our site is of very good quality and recommended for Raw1.5 EXTENDED. Note that you need to replace or extend the cables, the easiest way is to extend each cable 1-1.5 meters. So buy some cables with this kit if you dont have any. You will need around (Its up to you to calculate exact length this is just a suggestion)

  • 4-6M extra 4 lead shielded cable motor cable
  • 8m 2 lead shielded cable for switches
  • 1.5m 2 lead cable (for led light)

Everyone has their own ideas of size and features and we get a lot of requests of modifying our products. We have decided that we won’t do that anymore, it takes to much of our time so the products you see on our page is what we are selling. If you need to modify your machine, please look at the drawings and figure out a way yourself.

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