UC100 USB Motion Controller (Replaces Computer with Printer Port)

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Product Description

This adapter makes it possible to use classical industrial electronics on any Windows computer you want with a USB port.

Be aware that there are lots of copies of UC100 sold on eBay, Alibaba, Banggood and Amazon!
The fake devices do not work. You can control the machine with them but do not use the advanced features that we need.

– Replaces the LPT port.
– Controls upto 6-axis simulteneously.
– Works with Mach3 and Mach4 softwares via plugin.
– Upto 100kHz operation.
– USB connection to the control PC.
– Same pinout as a standard LPT port.
– Fast communication with data buffer for robust and stabile operation.

Downloads for this product:

1.) Product manual

2.) UCx00 automatic installer application for Mach3 and Mach4

3.) Software prerequirements (install on Win XP only!)

Installation for Mach3,4

Visit the “Start here if you need help setting up and working with your machine” page in the article section.

The Raw machines use Mach3 as standard as the machine is designed for this program. You can use any program you want, but all the functions we have such as calibration and ATC etc are only available for Mach3 at the moment.

Make sure Mach3 or 4 is installed before you start
Download the automatic installer above
Run the program but do not plug in the USB connector until everything is ready
Plug in your USB connector
The computer should now find your adapter and you can start the mach program

Read more in the instructions that you can download above.

If the machine does not move when everything should work then you need to go to config/Ports and pins and change all active Motor outputs/Step Low A… so that they are green marked.
If you still can’t get the machine to move then go to the “plugin control” tab and change the Hz to 25kHz

Installation UCCNC (Only for the Raw machines)

Visit the “Set up your machine here” button found at the top of this page.

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