U-Groove bearing

From: 5,10

From: 5,10
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Product Description

1x U-Groove bearing with a u grinding
Suitable for construction of carts that roll on 6mm axle.

Material: Steel
The protection is made of black plastic (NPP)

Outer Diameter: 24mm
Inner diameter: 8mm
Track radius: 6mm
Width: 11mm
Shield: Black NPP

A raw1.5 machine needs 16th of these bearings.

These ball bearings fit our profiles equipped with precision shafts and clutch profiles. This is a that is much better than the options available. These wheels roll on their own axes instead of on the profile itself as many other systems. Rolling a wheel directly on the profile will wear it down and a bearing that rolls on a steel bar is a better option.
The ball bearings are of very high quality and in steel. Other systems use plastic wheels. We have chosen Steel so that it is possible to build good machines for daily use.

Recommended retail price is approximately 15Eur piece.

Additional information

Amount of bearings

1, 16

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