Raw Avantic “Do It Yourself Kit” Coming This Fall


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Coming this Fall. Prices start at 5900 Excl VAT depending on size and accessories

Raw Avantic is the most serious CNC kit on the market and takes the step from hobby to professional. The machine is built in exactly the same way as a machine costing EUR 30,000 and up. This machine is even better than many of the imported China machines on the market. We have imported machines ourselves and were shocked by how bad some of these machines were, some were so bad that we didn’t even want to sell them on our website. Our solution is this machine which is much cheaper and easier to handle than bulky steel machines.

We first thought of selling the machine pre-assembled but starting up a production of the machine would take all our time which would mean we had to stop selling kits. We like to work with kits so we will turn this machine into a kit as well. The advantage to you is that it becomes MUCH cheaper if you assemble the machine yourself. Building the machine is not difficult, you only spend your time. All parts are cut and prepared and the only thing you need is a screwdriver and hand tools. The electronics are very simple and you only need to follow the instructions, you do not need to get into the technical or be able to solder, just assemble according to our instructions.

You can also visit us and get a demonstration with tips on how to build and work with the machine.

More info coming soon!

The machine is made of composite and aluminum to keep the weight down. We have understood over the years that not everyone has 3 meters gates and concrete floors. You can take this machine down to your workshop in the basement or in the attic. The weight is about 500kg instead of 1700kg for the same machine size. An imported steel machine requires that you have a truck with long forks that can lift about 2000kg. You also needs concrete floors and large gates as a steel machine cannot be dismantled. The heaviest part of an Avantic is about 25kg so you can take it to whatever space you want.


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