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We are working on new drawings and delivery of the machine will take place at the beginning of July

Raw Avantic

This machine is built to be used. The machine is made of aluminum, steel, composite and built as an industrial machine with high quality linear guides and a real Z-axis that can pass its own axis. The cutting depth is 145mm. These machines are so-called Desktop machines, they need a table to stand on. The reason for this design is to be able to easily transport the machine and take it through doors and stairs. You can build your own table from wood, steel or aluminum or buy one of our tables that are adapted for the machine. the only requirement is that the table must support the weight and be flat. Avantic is more intended for working with wood, but it is also possible to cut harder materials such as Aluminum. The precision can be compared with expensive industrial machines. The picture on the right is the 2024 model.

New in 2024. The supporting plates are now made of thick steel just like the Extended version, which makes the machine extremely stable.

Describing the machine requires a lot of text so here is a summary, more advanced text below

  • The machine can be ordered in three different sizes, 1500x2000mm with cutting surface: (W) 1100mm x (L) 1750mm, 1180x1350mm with cutting surface: (W) 720 x (L) 1060 mm and 1180x1000mm with cutting surface: (W) 720 x (L) 720mm
  • It is not difficult to operate the machine. All the text below makes it look complicated but it’s simple.
  • The machines are so-called “Desktop machines”, which means that you need to make a table for it or buy one from us.
  • The machine is controlled with any Windows computer via USB port and a program called Mach3. If you don’t already have it, you must select it in the drop menu above. The files to be cut are set up in a so-called CAM program. Read more about the software below.
  • You can draw simpler models in the CAM software we recommend, if you need more complex parts you can use any CAD program (drawing program) you want, the machine is compatible with most drawing programs on the market.

How is the machine delivered?

The machine comes in larger parts that the user must assemble himself. What you don’t need to build yourself is the electronics box, Z-axis construction, Motor mount, Soldering of plugs and connectors, rail control and rack assembly, spindle with interlocking of automatic control of the spindle so that it can be controlled via the software. All plates are powder coated and threaded. All of this comes complete but must be assembled by the user. We also thread all profiles so that construction will go as quickly as possible. See pictures above for how the parts are delivered. The cables come pre-cut with the plugs mounted, but you need to strip and connect cables to terminals according to our instructions, only low voltage and 24V no high current!

Previously, we built whole machines, but now the machine is built in parts for easier shipping and handling.

You do not need to have any knowledge at all regarding CNC machines, but it is recommended that you have a certain habit of building things together. If you get stuck, we are only a call away and support is of course included with your purchase.

We have sold CNC machines since 2010 and are good at producing good video instructions and illustrations. We guarantee help until the machine is completely built. How long it takes is hard to say, but for someone who is used to it, it takes about 6-8 hours to assemble the machine.

2.2kw spindle

2.2kw spindle

Avantic is delivered with a powerful, air-cooled 2.2 kw spindle with integrated inverter that is connected to other electronics. These spidles are strong, quiet and reliable. We use these ourselves and have done so for many years. With this spindle you can use inserts from 1-13mm (ER 20). We include a pair of end mills and so you get started.

Protection and dust hood
All our machines are delivered with a protective cover that effectively absorbs dust and any splinters.



Raw Avantic has 6 safety, homing and calibration switches for safety and precision. The switches are so-called Proximity switches that have no mechanical parts. Proximity switches are extremely accurate so that the machine can return to its “home” position with the best possible precision.

The safety switches ensure that the machine cannot go too far, but stops the system and spindle as soon as the machine goes too far in any direction.



Precision is a balance between user and machine. It’s about how good your drawings are, spindle, rpm and how fast you cut. At a normal speed of approx. 2-4000m/min, the machine has the same accuracy as expensive industrial machines. Repeatability: +/- 0.01 mm – 0.005 mm Backlash: +/- 0.01mm (1 tenth of a hair)

The machine is built to mainly cut wood, plastic and similar materials. You can cut aluminum but it requires experience regardless of the machine you use.

What can I cut with a Raw Avantic?

Soft wood, hard wood, Mdf, plastic, aluminum, steel, Sign production, 3D carving and engraving etc. Note that aluminum and steel is difficult to learn how to cut and there are better machines for it such as laser or water jet. If you only want to cut aluminum or steel, you should look at more expensive industrial machines. We have cut thousands of meters of Aluminum ourselves with the machines, but it is difficult to learn. The machine is mostly for hardwood, wood, and softer materials such as plastic.
20mm linear guide rail

Linear guide rail

Avantic is delivered with guide rails and blocks of Hiwin type. Guide rails have an extreme precision that ensures that the axles do not have any “play”. Guide rails are preferred over other solutions.

Guide rails enable extreme speeds and precision. Expensive industrial machines run exclusively with guide rails and there is a good reason for that.

Each block can be lubricated individually with machine grease or spray grease that is sprayed directly onto the rails.

 Consumption table (Waste board)

Consumption table (Waste board)

Please note that we cannot send MDF boards as the shipping would be too expensive. However, we ship with rails, mounting accessories and clamps to a value of up to EUR 400 depending on the machine.
You can easily cut out your own table after the machine is built. We provide you with instructions for this.
The consumption table can be made of moisture-resistant black MDF or regular MDF and consists of two tables, a base table and a consumption table.

Stepper motors

Stepper motors

The kit comes with standard Nema 23 motors, which gives the power the machine needs and a little more. You can also build the machine with Hybrid servo motors for Y, X and A motor, but we do not provide you with instructions for this as the entire electrical box must be rebuilt. Regardless of choice, the motors are strong enough that a full-grown person can stand on the x-axis while the machine cuts. The choice of the parts is decisive for whether you need 3-phase or a regular 220 outlet. We have scaled everything down so that 220 volts and 10 Amps are enough. The motors have a direct drive against the rack to reduce backlash

Repeatability: +/- 0.01 mm – 0.005 mm, Backlash: +/- 0.01

Is it difficult to work with a CNC machine?

No, it’s simple. Raw Avantic is one of the easiest machines to work with on the market. We have placed great emphasis on making the machines as easy to operate as possible. You do not need to have previous knowledge or education. The only difficult thing is to draw your parts, the rest is easy. Once you have cut your first piece, you will understand. Watch our videos on the website and Youtube to see how easy it is to work with a Raw Avantic machine

Series production

Our machines are widely used in series production and cut everything from Aquariums in Switzerland to guitars in Canada. If you are a company and need to manufacture something in series but need help with strategy to cut out your part, we can help you create jigs or adapt the machine in the best way. We have extensive experience in series production as we come from such a background. Contact us and we can discuss your needs. We can also help draw and set up your files.


Cutting with a CNC machine requires 2-3 different software’s such as drawing, CAM (set up the files you drew) and Control software (to run the file). You can choose between Mach3 and UCCNC. read more about the options below this text. The CAM software we recommend is available in different versions and is called Vectric. the software also has an integrated drawing section for simpler models and you can get by with these two software’s in the beginning. Read more about the CAM below this text. If you outgrow the drawing software in the CAM part, you can use more advanced software such as Auto CAD or Fusion360 and others.

Mach3 is the most used control software in the world, which means that there is more support and features for this software than any other. Mach3 looks outdated but we have updated it with our own UI to make it look more modern. The update is completely free and instructions can be found here: Update Mach3, see image to the right.

UCCNC, Linux or other control software
Avantic is compatible with most control software but we only have settings for Mach3. If you have decent knowledge of control programs, it is easy to set the machine to any option.

To set up the machine
After you have built your machine, it must be set up with control software to be able to run. We have a guide for this at the top of the page “Configure your machine here” If you run into obstacles or feel you don’t have time, we can do it for you. Send the computer to us while you build your machine. The computer must be version WINDOWS 7-10. The computer does not need to have high performance as it is only supposed to control the machine. We recommend that you have a separate computer to control the machine. Alternatively, you buy a computer from us with everything already installed,

CAM software

Previously, a CAM software was included for the machine, but most users have their own software, so this is now an option that can be purchased from us or directly from the manufacturer. Below video shows 2Dcut Desktop from Vectric which is perfect to start with. You can later upgrade to Vcarve PRO if you outgrow it and you only pay the difference.

With Cut2D Desktop, you can cut out everything except 3D models. You can import Vector files that you find or buy online, engrave and cut on both sides of the material, etc. You can also import your own files that you draw in any drawing program as long as you get the file in .DXF format. All of this may sound complicated but it’s easy after you do it a few times. See the instructional video below for Vcarve products. The parts you can cut out must be a maximum of 600x600mm, so if you need to cut larger parts, you must upgrade the software to Cut2D PRO or Vcarve PRO, you can read more about it if you visit the product on our website.

Built by workers for workers

Raw Avantic is manufactured in Sweden and developed by us who previously worked as furniture carpenters. The machine came as an alternative to the expensive, heavy Asia machines that usually have a delivery time of 3-4 months and with questionable support. We always have personal support and guarantees.

CE certified
All our machines have their own CE markings and are tested and reviewed by independent review companies. CE marking comes with your kit and is linked to your order number. Without it, you cannot use the machine at the company or sell the machine on. CE certificate shows that the machine is built with the right components and assembled in the right way. Purchase of kit entitles you to build only 1 certified machine
Certificates, Standards and compliance

  • Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
  • EMC Directive 2014/30/EU
  • RoHS Driective 2011/65EU
  • EN-ISO 12100:2010
  • EN-ISO 19085-1:2017
  • EN-ISO 19085-3:2017
  • EN 50581:2012
  • EN 50370-1:2005
  • EN 50370-2:2003
  • IEC 60204-12018


The machines are so-called “Desktop machines”, which means that you need to manufacture or buy a table for it. If you choose to build a table, you can build it as wide as the machine and about 30-40 cm longer, so that you can fit a screen and keyboard in front of the machine. The table can be made of wood, aluminum or steel. The only requirements are that it is 100% level. If you do not have time to build a table, you can buy one from us. The tables we manufacture are adapted to the machine and made of strong aluminum. Under the table is a shelf for electronics. The table comes in parts and must be assembled on site. The table is about 75cm high. PLEASE NOTE that we do not send with the boards for the table, only aluminum profiles as well as the hardware and glue. The table is not mounted and you have to do it yourself with our instructions.

The tables come in two sizes,
For Avantic 2000x1500mm, the table size is 2320x1420mm without top board. (the top board should protrude about 2cm around)
For Avantic 1000x1180mm and 1300x1180mm, the table size is 1460x1160mm without a top board. (the top pboard should protrude about 2cm around)


Shipping a CNC machine is expensive, due to its size and weight. The prize on our site is the actual cost and sometimes less. You can use your own shipping company but let us know beforehand. If you have the opportunity, you can pick up the machine from us in Sweden.

You will also find manuals and video instructions on our website. You can call us at any time with questions and for help with setting up your files. We guarantee help and will not leave you with unanswered questions.

The tax is already calculated in to the price. As a EU member you need to pay Swedish tax of 25% if you don’t own a valid company. If you own a valid company, you will need to enter your VAT number at checkout and the tax will not be added to the price. We will check with the registry to see that you have a valid company, if not we will have to charge you the tax even after delivery.

Some of the pictures below are of an earlier version of Avantic.

Why an Aluminum Machine?
Aluminum machines do not weigh as much as a steel machine. If you compare a larger Avantic that weighs about 150-200kg, a steel machine weighs up to 2 tons in the same dimensions.
A steel machine can only stand on concrete floors while an Avantic can stand wherever you want and can also be carried up or down stairs. A steel machine requires a truck that can unload 2 tons and wide doors, while an Avantic can be moved with a pallet lift and through doors. If the machine is in the way, it can be moved. Aluminum does not have the same precision as steel, but if you cut in wood, plastic or aluminum it will be more than enough.

Some of our customers (Swedish companies)


  • Color: Black, White, Concrete/Camo, Oxblood, Orange and Green
  • Materials: Sheet steel, Composite and Aluminum reinforced with steel tube
  • Air-cooled spindle connected to other electronics for automatic start/stop
  • Spindle speed: 10,000 – 24,000 rpm
  • 6x Proximity switch for safety, zeroing and calibration
  • Control: Windows computer with USB and Mach3 software or UCCNC
  • Ball screw: On the Z-axis
  • Rack drive: On X, A and Y axis
  • Nema 23 motors 3A, spring-loaded
  • Linear guides on all axles, HIWIN type
  • Voltage: 230V / 10 amp single phase
  • Waste board with clamps
  • 2 year warranty
  • CE certified

Size of 1500x2000mm machine

  • Machine footprint approx. (W) 1500 x 2000mm
  • Working area: (W) 1220mm x (L) 2000mm (the board can protrude, for example an entire MDF board)
  • Max cut-out: (W) 1100mm x (L) 1750mm
  • Weight: 170 kg (without table)
  • Height below Z-axis: 145mm
  • Packaging dimensions: 205Wx65Dx160H

Size of 1180x1350mm machine

  • Machine footprint (W) 1180x (L) 1350mm
  • Working area: (W) 890x (L) 1350mm
  • Max cut-out: (W) 720 x (L) 1060 mm
  • Weight: 129 kg (without table)
  • Height below Z-axis: 145mm
  • Packaging dimensions: 80×120 (EU pallet) x150H

Size of 1180x1000mm machine

  • Machine footprint (W) 1180x (L) 1000mm
  • Working area: (W) 890x (L) 1000mm
  • Max cut-out: (W) 720 x (L) 720mm
  • Weight: 110kg (without table)
  • Height below Z-axis: 145mm
  • Packaging dimensions: 80×120 (EU pallet) x120H


  • 90-degree calibration at start-up
  • 6 safety, home and calibration switches
  • Calibration functions to calibrate all directions, left, right, up, down and height
  • “Homing” of machine with Proximity switch for extra accuracy
  • Speeds up to 25000mm/min
  • Cut in wood, plastic and soft metal
  • LED lights below the X-axis
  • Light weight and suitable for plastic and wooden floors
  • Support by phone and email

This is included

  • Raw Avantic CE certified CNC machine
  • UC100 module
  • Electronic box that can be unplugged for easy service
  • Calibration plate to calibrate X, Y and Z axis, ie all axes.
  • 80mm Air-cooled spindle with inverter connected to CNC electronics
  • 80mm Dust collector
  • Keys for spindle 22 and 30mm
  • 13 ER20 collets for spindle 1-13mm
  • 4x Clamps to hold down the workpiece
  • 4x end mills to get you started
  • Instruction manual for CNC machine
  • instructional video and access to dedicated website for the machine
  • Support by phone or email

Tools needed to assemble the machine

  • Torx chisel T25
  • Hex chisel (hexagon) 1.5,2,2.5,3,4 (buy a complete set)
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Pliers/Polygrip
  • Tape (masking tape works well)
  • Screwdriver for self-drilling screws
  • Hammer/Rubber Hammer
  • Smaller flat chisel for electrical terminals

3D cutting

Visit Vectric.com for more video instructions on how to set up your files. It may look complicated but it’s easy.

Additional information

Machine size

1000x1180mm, 1350x1180mm, 2000x1500mm


Concrete/Camo, Orange, Oxblood, White

Include Mach3 software

No, Yes

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