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We are working on the page and product. It is possible to order Raw 2.5 Creative, but delivery takes place in mid-October. We can only accept a certain number of orders at first. If you want to be sure of getting a machine in October, you can order it now. We are also working on a financial solution for the monthly payment of your machine

Difference between Raw Creative and Extended
Raw Extended has a stronger base so that the machine can be built in larger dimensions. The corner plates are also stronger and the motors are covered. This machine is more suitable for a workshop than a hobby. The precision of both variants is the same.

A CNC machine for professionals and hobbyists

We have been building aluminum machines since 2009 and were among the first on the market to produce CNC machines that you build yourself. Our previous model Raw 1.5 has been very popular and has been built in hundreds of copies worldwide. We have redesigned the entire machine to make it even better, stronger and adaptable, the result is Raw 2.5 Creative which is available in sizes 100×75, 100×100, 150×100 and 200x135cm.

The machine is adapted to most control programs and operating systems on the market such as Linux, Windows, Arduino, Mach3,4, UCCNC etc. Read more below.,

20mm Styrskenor

15mm Guide rails

Differentiating from other DIY kits, Raw Creative comes with guide rails. Guide rails give the machine the stability and strength that a real CNC machine requires. Other machines in the same price range have plastic wheels that are more suitable for 3D printers and toys. Guide rails are expensive but we have pushed the prices down as far as we can go as we think it is the only sensible solution for a good machine.

There are 12 guide bearing blocks on the rails that can be lubricated individually.

Guide rails withstand hard work and dusty environments.

Waste board

Waste board

You can now choose to have rails instead of hole slot tables that we had on our previous model. You buy the rails separately and they are completely adapted to your machine. The machine is designed so that you have a base table and consumption table.

Consumable tables are not included as it is expensive to send heavy MDF boards. You can buy regular 12mm MDF for the base table and 16mm for the waste board. If you choose not to use rails, you can have a so-called Hole Slot variant where you cut holes to fit the clamps we have as a product. Files for it are on our website.

The picture above shows a table in Valchromat, but you can use ordinary MDF


Stepper motors

We have chosen to use 3 Amps nema 23 motors instead of the weaker Nema 17 that many other machines have. The machine is made of aluminum and composite and has a low weight and professional rail control, so the strength of the motors is sufficient. The motors are so strong that a full-grown person could stand on the X-axis while the machine cuts.

The speed of Raw Creative is an incredible 40000mm/min, (see our video on Youtube) compare it to 4000-6000 as other hobby/semi-professional machines

The machine is also designed so that you can have longer Nema23 motors such as Closed loop motors with associated electronics

This is how it works

Choose which kit suits you best. If it is for hobby cutting, a standard Raw Creative machine is usually sufficient. If you are going to work with the machine and need it bigger, a Raw Creative EXTENDED is a better option. Whatever you choose, the cutting results and performance are the same.

After we send your kit, you get access to a website completely dedicated to the build, packed with video instructions, illustrations, tips as well as forum and support. What many find difficult is the electronics. We have solved this by sending a completely finished electrical box (if you choose to include all electricity). You will need to run all the cables but it is easy with our instructions. When the machine is built and cables are drawn, it’s just a matter of getting started.

We prepare the electrical box with Arduino so you can download free software or Estlcam which is good to start with. If you later want a more advanced machine with professional software, it comes with a circuit board for that, completely free of charge. You can replace this in 10 minutes with our instructions. Whatever you do, we will always be there for support so that you are guaranteed to get your machine built. The result is a machine that usually costs three times as much if you buy it ready-made. What is not included in our kits is, Spindle (milling head) and consumable table (to expensive to send board materials).

You can buy the spindle/mill on Amazon or eBay. You can also use a regular edge cutter from Bosch, Makita or Dewalt (65mm shaft). Consumable tables can be bought at hardware stores and you can choose regular MDF. We have instructions for this as well. Read more below for details.

Is it difficult to assemble the machine?

No, We put a lot of focus on drawings and support. Our previous model 1.5 received a lot of praise for how easy it was to follow our instructions. We prepare all parts so you only build without having to drill, saw or thread parts. You only do the fun part. However, we must point out that you are building an industrial machine and must be somewhat handy, building machines is not for everyone, you should be dedicated and think it is fun. The result must be a strong machine with great precision, so everything has to be right. See our ready-made machines if this is not for you.
Kraftig Z-axelkonstruktion

Strong Z-axis construction

We have adapted the machine for different mounts so that you can choose which cutting head you want. Raw Creative has such a strong Z-axis construction that you can also have a more powerful 2.2kw spindle.

The machine can handle the weight without any problems. The spindle can pass its own axis, which means maximum height under the X-axis boom. The Z axis has both ball screw and rail guidance for maximum precision.

Spindle or cutter are not included in this kit


Calibration, Switches

Raw Creative comes with proximity switches (if you include the electric package) Proximity switches have no mechanical parts, which means they are extremely accurate. With proximity switches, the machine can return to its “home” position with the best imaginable precision.

The switches also ensure that the machine cannot go too far, but stop the system as soon as the machine goes further than you allow

You can have switches in either direction depending on your preference.



Precision is a balance between user and machine. It’s about how good your drawings are, spindle, rpm and how fast you cut. At a normal speed of approx. 2-4000mm/min, the machine has the same accuracy as expensive industrial machines.

Repeatability: +/- 0.01 mm – 0.005 mm, Backlash: +/- 0.01 mm

The machine is built to mainly cut wood, plastic and similar materials. You can cut aluminum but it requires the right settings regardless of the machine you use.

What can I cut with a Raw 2.5 Creative

Soft wood, hard wood, chipboard, Mdf, plastic, aluminum, Sign manufacturing, 3D cutting and engraving, etc. Note that aluminum are difficult to learn no matter what machine you have. We ourselves have cut 1000s of meters of aluminum with the machines, but it takes a couple of tries to learn.
EXTENDED Covered motors

EXTENDED Covered motors

Extended comes with covered motor covers. The covers protect the motors and are an extra safety and better suited in a work environment

EXTENDED Stronger corners

EXTENDED Stronger corners

Stronger corners tie the machine together better and are needed for the higher base and length

EXTENDED stronger base

EXTENDED stronger base

Together with the corner plates and the 20mm stronger base, the machine can be built in a larger format.


Since there are so many options on the market, the electronics are something you choose when you buy your kit. To make it easy for you, electronics for both Arduino and industrial software are included. The electrical box comes prepared with Arduino but you can, with our instructions, switch to a more professional environment, at no additional cost. Use our solution or a completely different one. Raw Creative is compatible with everything that controls 3 Amps Nema 23 motors. If you choose to buy your kit without an electricity package, no electricity is included at all such as cables, switches, LEDs, etc.

A better industrial machine like the ones we sell as pre-made machines is controlled with professional control software such as Mach3,4 or UCCNC, while hobby machines are often controlled with a GRBL or Arduino solution.

The two options have different control boards and both are included. Professional control software is more expensive while Arduino and GRBL are cheaper and sometimes free

Our solution includes both variants with instructions so you can try what suits you best. Switching between the two variants takes a couple of minutes and you only change one circuit board with the associated cables. We haven’t tried, but in practice you can have a switch that jumps between the two options as only one circuit board determines which control software to use.

We ourselves exclusively use Mach3 as it has all the features we need and you can easily plug in plasma, lasers and other fun addons. We have also created a completely separate user interface for Mach3 that you can take part in, see image to the right.

You will be able to read in more detail about this on the website you use when building your machine.

If you later want to switch to something completely different, Raw Creative is fully compatible with all electronics that control Nema 23 motors.


Cutting with a CNC machine requires 2-3 different softwares such as drawing, CAM (set up the files you drew) and Control software (to run the file). Since Raw Creative 2.5 comes with control boards for both Arduino and PC environment, you can find free software or use more expensive industrial software. You need to read up a little on the subject yourself via our guides or, for example, YouTube. Once you know what to choose, the rest is easy. The hard part with a CNC machine is learning a drawing software. We do not include any software at all.


When you buy a machine from us, you get a link to a completely separate website with instructions on how to assemble the machine. Those of us who know the machine put it together in a day or two, but for those of you who have a life outside of this, you can count on 1-2 weeks. It is good if you take your time for each step so that you thoroughly learn the machine so that you can easily upgrade or service the machine if needed.

The website has lots of good information on how to best build and modify your machine. You get access to smart tips and advice for software, electronics and how to work with your machine. We have put a lot of emphasis on this website so that all your questions and concerns are answered.

This is included, please note that all electronics below are only included if you choose the electricity package.

  • All parts needed to build and run your machine, what is not included are cutting head, computer and consumable table. This is available for purchase in our store or elsewhere.
  • Electronics box for both Arduino and professional industrial software.
  • Cords, energy chains and everything else needed to connect the electronics.
  • Access to a website entirely dedicated to Raw Creative. Here you will find all drawings, video instructions, etc.
  • Support via website or email


  • Color: Black, White, Concrete/Camo, Pink, Oxblood, Orange and Green.
  • Consumable table: Rails or “hole slot” (cutting files available)
  • 5x Proximity switches for safety, zeroing and calibration
  • Control: PC with Mach3, Mach4, UCCNC, Linux, Estlcam, GRBL and many more.
  • Ball screw: On the Z axis
  • Rack and pinion drive: On X, A and Y axis
  • Nema 23 motors 3 Amps, spring loaded
  • Linear control on all axes, HIWIN type
  • Extended: Thicker cornerplates
  • Extended: More powerful and higher machine base
  • Extended: Covered engine covers
  • Extended: Larger sizes
  • Repeatability: +/- 0.01 mm – 0.005 mm
  • Backlash: +/- 0.01
  • Voltage: 230V / 10 amp single phase
  • Interchangeable tables with clamps

Size of 1180x1000mm machine

  • Machine footprint (W)1000x (L)1000mm
  • Working area: (W)890x (L)1000mm (the material can be longer)
  • Max cutout: (W)720 x (L)720mm
  • Weight: (to be updated)
  • Height below Z axis: 160mm

Size of 930x1000mm machine

  • Machine footprint (W)750x (L)1000mm
  • Working area: (W)650x (L)1000mm (the material can be longer)
  • Max cutout: (W)480 x (L)720mm
  • Weight: (to be updated)
  • Height below Z axis: 160mm

Features (only for Mach3, all features can be set in other software, but we only support Mach3)

  • 90-degree calibration at start
  • 5 safety, home and calibration switches
  • Calibration functions to calibrate all directions, left, right, up, down and height (see our product “touch plate”)
  • “Homing” of machine with Proximity switch for extra accuracy
  • Speeds up to 40000mm/min (sounds incredible but see our video)
  • Cuts wood, plastic and soft metal
  • LED lights below the X-axis
  • Light weight and suitable for plastic and wooden floors
  • Compatible with anything that controls Nema 23 motors.
  • Support by e-mail or website

Tools needed

  • (to be updated)

We will add more pictures and videos when they are available


Additional information


Black, Concrete/Camo, green, Orange, Oxblood, Pink, White


1320x2000mm, 990x1500mm

Include electrical parts

No, Yes

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