Raw 1.5 EXTENDED XL steel reinforced with 1.5KW spindle and USB plugg, 1800x1300mm, Free shipping in Europe

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Product Description

We do not build machines over the summer. You can build the machine yourself with one of our kits. You also have the option of choosing finished electronics so that you only do the mechanical.

Raw 1.5 EXTENDED XL is an updated version of the popular Raw 1.3 and 1.5 machine. The big difference from 1.3 to 1.5 is the machine’s strength. The machine has double thickness on the plates (Compared to 1.3), extra side plates and steel reinforcements. Raw Extended XL 1300x1800mm can take entire MDF boards if you let the back part stand out behind the machine. The cutting surface is 1020x1520mm.

Difference between prefabricated and kits
When we build the machines, we include additional switches, calibration functions, spindle with inverter, color and more steel reinforcements. We also build the Z-axis so that it becomes stronger and has a ball screw instead of a trapezoidal screw for better accuracy.The machine is built by us and maintains the highest possible quality.

A real CNC machine
This machine is very strong compared to other machines in this price range. The machine has steel reinforcements and quality parts and a real Z-axis construction. A complete Raw 1.5 XL weigh around 120 kg and is not made of weak plastic parts like many other machines. The machine has 6 safety, calibration switches and a Z-axis calibration plate. This is as close as you can get to a “real” CNC machine in this price range.

What can I cut with a Raw 1.5
Soft wood, hardwood, chipboard, Mdf, plastic, aluminum, sketching, 3D cutting and engraving, etc. Note that aluminum is hard to learn to cut and there are better machines for it such as laser or water jet. If you only going to cut aluminum then look for a more expensive machine, like water or laser machines

Is it difficult to operate the machine?
It’s always tricky to do something new but after cutting your first piece you will understand. Once you know how to do it, it’s easy.

Everything you need to start cutting
The machine has everything you need to start cutting the only thing you need is software. Chooce between Mach3 or UCCNC. Mach3 has more functions for this machine and we recommend that you buy a copy of that.

This is a “Desktop machine” You need a robust table for the machine. We recommend that you build it 30-40 cm longer than the machine, so that you can fit the screen and keyboard in front of the machine. A good size of the table would be 150x210cm. The table can be made of wood, aluminum or steel. The only requirement is that it is 100% in level.

Base table
The baseboard is made of black Valchromat. Valchromat is a stronger MDF that can withstand water if treated with oil or wax. The table is easy to replace, and you can buy or cut out a new one if you wear the old. We will send you the .DXF files for the table on request.

1.5kw spindle
We include a 1.5 kw spindle with inverter, programmed and ready to go. These spindles are strong, quiet and reliable. We use these ourselves and have been doing it for many years. With this spindle you can use cutters from 1-7mm.  We recommend using 3-4 mm endmills when cutting and 6mm or larger that have 6mm shaft to clear surface. We include 3 pcs end mills 3.15-4-6 mm. You can but endmills on ebay.co.uk for example. The quality of the ones you buy from eg. China on eBay is very good for the price you pay. Search for “End mill” in sizes from 1-7mm. (Straight flutes gives a cleaner cut and we prefer them for wood or MDF)

This machine is driven by a racks and pinions. The racks and pinions are of the highest quality and more expensive compared to the “Chinese”, we buy them from a company in Sweden that delivers racks to the professional industry market. With rack you can cut at high speeds with very good accuracy. Racks gives a mechanical noise when you operate the machine, this is normal since you can’t lubricate racks in a dusty environment. The sound disappears after a while when the rack adjusts to the gears and it does not affect cutting results at any point.

Driver electronics with USB
Drivers and Breakout Board is the most professional electronics you can have for these kinds of machines. They are more expensive and usually requires an older computer with printer port and 32Bit Windows operate system. We will include a solution that allows you to run the machine on any windows computer that has a USB port

We will include all that you need to run this kind of electronics. Some of the advantages with drivers is that the machine gets much stronger and has many more features like touch off plates, calibration switches, on off features for spindles, laser and plasma. The variation of software is also much bigger and you can even use software’s that the industry use.

We will wire the whole machine, electronic box and include an touch off plates that can calibrate X,Y and Z-axis

Precision is a balance between user and machine. It’s about how well your files are, spindle RPM, speed, and how fast you cut. At a normal speed of about 2-4000m / min, the machine has a measured accuracy of about 0.2mm, we have customers that get better accuracy but it’s all up to the user. The machine is built to mainly cut wood, plastic and similar materials. If you want to engrave jewelry or similar tasks that require extreme precision, you should look at more expensive industrial machines. This machine is the result of many years of development. We have cut several thousand meters of material with machines like these and done it daily for many years.

Payment, tax and delivery (Please read, important)
We only accept bank payment for our machines due to the high fees from e.g. PayPal. The payment details will be available in the receipt you get after your order.

Delivery in Europe is included in the price and free of charge. We have to disassemble the machine before delivery and you need to be two people to assemble it. You will get detailed instructions on how to do. It’s not difficult and should only take a few hours.

As a EU member you need to pay Swedish tax of 25% if you down own a valid company. If you own a company, you will need to enter your VAT number at checkout and the tax will not be added to the price. We will check with the registry to see that you have a valid company, if not we will charge you the tax even after delivery.

Non EU members in Europe (Norway, Switzerland for example)
Please contact us before you place your order. We need to send you an invoice since you don’t pay any tax in EU. The tax will be calculated at your own border. You can contact your customs to see how much tax they will add.


  • Width X-Axis Inside: 1300mm (1530mm total)
  • Length: 1800mm
  • Cutting Area: 1020mm (Width) x 1520mm (Length) The workpiece can be longer than the machine, ie MDF full board
  • Height under z axis: 125mm

The package contains

  • Complete CNC machine with electronics and a USB solution
  • Professional spindle with inverter, programmed and ready to go.
  • 3 pcs endmills 3.15-4-6 mm (you can buy these cheap on eBay for example)
  • Support and instructions


Building a radiator cover with a Raw CNC machine

This is from a customer who is cutting a branding iron from copper. The user is CNCswede and you can find him and his work on Youtube.

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