Raw 1.5 Creative CNC Machine with belt drive 990x750mm

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We sell a lot of this product and the delivery time is longer than usual. Right now the delivery time is 2-3 weeks

Trimmer or spindle is not included in the price, look below on that and where to buy that.

Raw 1.5 Creative CNC kit

This machine is very strong compared to other “Hobby” machines in this price range. The machine has steel reinforcement for the X-axis, quality parts and a strong Z-axis construction. A Raw 1.5 is not made from weak plastic parts and 6-9 mm thin timingbelts.

The parts of this machine are carefully selected and of industrial quality. Compare with other machines such as X-Carve, Ox and Shapeoko. Keep in mind that their prices are usually without import tax, tax and waste board. If you want a tougher machine, you can see our other products.

  • Instead of plastic wheels that roll on aluminum rails, this machine has steel wheels that roll on a steel shaft, which can also be replaced.
  • The bore of the wheel is 8mm and not 5mm as other machines.
  • The timing belt we use is 15mm wide and steel reinforced instead of 6mm and fiber reinforced.
  • A Raw 1.5 Creative can upgrade the Z-axis to a stronger variant with ball screw and steel shafts.
  • Raw 1.5 Creative has a steel-reinforced X-axis and probably the only one on the market that has it.
  • For a stronger machine you can also steel reinforcement Y and A axis
  • We use Nema 23 motors instead of Nema 17 as standard
  • The electronics can be upgraded to which electronics you want as long as it supports Nema 23 motors
  • Homing switches are included as standard.
  • We offer support via email or telephone

To describe a machine like this requires a lot of text so here is a summary, more advanced text below 

  • This is a CNC machine DIY kit that comes with everything you need. You can choose to include a waste table and a front or cut one yourself when the machine is ready. (The black table seen in the picture above)
  • We include Arduino electronics as standard. The cables are cut to the right lengths and mounting the electronics is very easy, just follow the instructions. The electronics are low current after the transformer itself and completely harmless. Read more about the electronics below if you are new to this. You can use whatever electronics you want if it is for Nema 23 motors.
  • You will also need a router or a spindle with inverter. You can use any router if it has a round shaft. You can even use a Dremel or another engraving tool if you are cutting soft materials.
  • All plates are threaded and grinded in a trommel and ready for painting. The profiles are also fully threaded and prepared with steelrods.
  • If you buy any other DIY machine on the market it comes in pieces just like this machine. We call this machine a kit, because that’s what it is. This machine may have more parts and requires more assemble, but it’s worth it. You will get a machine with quality parts and much stronger than others.

Once you purchase a kit you will get access to all the articles and video instructions on the site. It will take a few days to assemble the machine but it’s easy with instructions, just follow along. If you get stuck, we are one e-mail or phone call away to assist you.

What can I cut with a Raw 1.5
Soft wood, hardwood, particleboard, Mdf, plastic, aluminum, copper, 3D cutting, engraving and much more.

Is it difficult to use the machine?
It’s always tricky to do something new but after cutting your first part you will understand how it works. Once you know how to do it is very easy.

Is it difficult to build the machine?
If you’re something handy, it’s not difficult at all, follow the video instructions as well as the illustrations. The electronics can seem daunting but it’s very simple, we prepare it all so that you only have to wire the cables and then plug it in to the box. You will have to solder or use terminal blocks between motors and cables. This is very easy just follow the instructions provided. You will get personal support if you get stuck.

We get a lot of questions about upgrades. Yes, you can upgrade a Raw Creative to a Raw 1.5 with racks, linear guides or ball screw, you can even upgrade the whole Z-axis unit to be more stable and with ball screw as well. We have designed Creative this way, so that you can grow with your machine. But keep in mind that an upgrade requires new parts and upgrading to linear guides for example is expensive, not because we are expensive, but the parts are very expensive. We only charge for parts, that’s all.

Look at the tabs below for different options.



Router or trimmer is not included for this product, you need to buy one that suits your purpose. We include a universal spindle holder that works for most trimmers or spindles with 65mm shaft. Here’s a summary and tips on what to buy.

A standard trimmer is perfect to start with. Accuracy is ok if you cut wood or other soft materials. You can have any trimmer you like as long as the shaft is round so that you can attach it to the machine. If you need something more professional, you can check the “1.5kw spindle with inverter” tab.

Here is a few examples and you can buy them on most online stores that sell tools.

From the left: Dewalt, Bosch, Makita and Katsu. The last trimmer is a budget trimmer used in the video below. You can find it here eBay Katsu

Trimmers or routers are usually delivered with 6 and 8 mm collets. We also sell special adapters, so you can have 3-3.17 and 4mm end mills mills. (see our other products)

1.5kw spindle with inverter

A more professional option is a 1.5 kW Air cooled spindle and matching inverter with ER11 collets which means you can have end mills between 1-7mm.A spindle like this is preferred if you cut daily, some materials require exact speeds like Aluminum. With an inverter you can set the speed with accuracy compared to a standard router.

You can find spindles like these on eBay for example, search for “1.5 kW Air cooled spindle with inverter” or click this link

These spindles are very quiet and durable. We have used the same spindle daily for  years without any issues at all.


Arduino+CNC shield electronics
The machine comes with Arduino and CNC shield and can be used with any PC that has a USB port. The machine is run with GRBL software available free of charge but we recommend a commercial program called Estlcam.

To assemble the electronics are very easy, we prepare it all so that you only have to wire the cables and then plug it in to the box. You will have to solder or use terminal blocks between motors and cables. This is very easy just follow the instructions provided. You will get personal support if you get stuck.

The software costs about 50 EUR but it makes everything a lot easier. The program manages both 2D and 3D cut-out in a very simple user interface. You can try it for 30 days, download it at www.estlcam.com. Read the article “How to Cut With Good Results” to learn more about Estlcam. You can also upgrade your electronics afterwards if you notice that you need a more advanced software and machine.

You can cut your own waste board or choose it as an option. If you cut the waste board  yourself, you can follow this guide: https://rawcnc.com/cut-your-own-waste-table-raw-extended-xl/
If you choose MDF or a Valchromatboard then 4 clamps are included to fasten your workpiece.
Mdf is a cheaper alternative that works well. MDF is brown. We also include a front as the pictures show.
is a more expensive material and more water resistant. Valkhromat is black. We also include a front as the pictures show.
The price for the waste board we sell is more expensive than when you do it yourself. We have to charge for shipping as the boards are heavy and bulky.

You can download a demo version of Estlcam which is a very easy program to learn. With Estlcam you can cut in both 2D and 3D and the price of the software is very cheap compared to other software. You can use any software you want that supports Arduino and GRBL. Read more at www.estlcam.com

Precision is a balance between user and machine. It’s about how well your drawings are, spindle quality, spindle speed and how fast you cut. At normal speeds, the machine has a measured accuracy of about 0.2 mm. This machine is the result of many years of development. We have cut several thousand meters of material with machines like these and done it daily for many years.

Payment, tax and delivery (Please read, important)

As a EU member you need to pay Swedish tax of 25% if you down own a valid company. If you own a company, you will need to enter your VAT number at checkout and the tax will not be added to the price. We will check with the registry to see that you have a valid company, if not we will charge you the tax even after delivery.

Non EU members in Europe (Norway, Switzerland for example)
We don’t add tax to the products but tax will be calculated at your own border. You can contact your customs to see how much tax they will add.

Size of the machine: 990x750mm
Width: 550mm
Length: 740mm
Clearance under the Z-axis: approx. 100mm

To operate the machine, you need (Arduino version):

  • A computer with USB ports
  • Spindle or router/trimmer
  • Software such as Estlcam
  • Software to draw (Inkscape and Google SketchUp are free)
  • A table of the same size as the machine. Make the table a little longer for the keyboard and the screen

To build the machine you need:

  • One set of Torx keys
  • Wrench or fixed keys
  •  Screwdrivers
  •  Soldering equipment (Recommended but not required)


This is included in all machines with the optional electronics package (compare with other machines in the same price range)

  • 4x Strong Nema 23 engines
  • Arduino Electronics ready to run
  • 15mm steel reinforced timingbelts
  • High quality cable chains
  • Possibility of upgrading electronics
  • Possibility of upgrading to a stronger Raw 1.5
  • Steel reinforced X-axis
  • 100% steel bearings and steel parts and not plastic like other machines
  • A strong Z-axis construction that can withstand real work.
  • Pre-built machine to about 90%
  • Consumption tables and clamps
  • Universal spindle holder for routers or spindles with 65mm shaft (You can have a larger routers/spindles but then the hole band must be replaced)
  • Shielded cables!
  • Homing switches
  • Emergency stop switch
  • Personal Support


Raw 1.5 with timing belts

Building a radiator cover with a Raw CNC machine


This is from a customer who is cutting a branding iron from copper. The user is CNCswede and you can find him and his work on Youtube.


Additional information

Waste board

No, MDF, Valchromat

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