Raw 1.5 CNC machine 100x100mm with 15mm steel reinforced timing belt, Free shipping in Europe

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From: 1696
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Current leadtime 14 days.

Raw 1.5 CNC machine with everything needed to get started, pre-built wired and ready to go.

This machine is very strong compared to other “Hobby” machines in this price range. The machine has steel reinforcement for the X-axis, quality parts and a real Z-axis construction. A complete Raw 1.5 100x100cm weighing between 45-55 kg and is not made of weak plastic parts and 6-9 mm thin timingbelts.

Steel reinforcements
Raw is an aluminum machine with a steel reinforced X-axis to make the machine as strong and robust as possible. You can also reinforce the Y axis with 40x40x4mm angle iron as shown in the picture but for smaller machines it is not necessary.

Timing belts or racks?
A raw can handle both. This machine comes with timing belts. Timing belts works very well for machines under 100 cm if the timing belts is wide and steel reinforced as the ones we use. With this machine you can cut aluminum, wood and plastic and any other softer materials. Timing belt is perfect if you are planning to cut in 3D, timing belt gives better accuracy when cutting finer details. You can upgrade your machine to racks afterwards if you want a stronger machine

What can I cut with a Raw 1.5
Soft wood, hardwood, particleboard, Mdf, plastic, aluminum, copper, 3D cutting, engraving and much more.

Is it difficult to use the machine?
It’s always tricky to do something new but after cutting your first part you will understand how it works. Once you know how to do it is very easy.

Look at the tabs below for different options. Note that if you choose to have the machine without electronics then there is no electronics at all included like cables, switches etc.

See tabs for different options

Standard Router

A standard router is perfect to begin with. The one that we have is a Makita clone and works well for the price. The accuracy is ok if you are cutting wood or other soft materials. You can have any router you like if the shaft is round so that you can attach it to the machine. Note that the cable has a UK socket so you need to change that to your country standard.

The router comes with 6 and 8mm chuck. We also sell special adapters, so you can have 3-3.17 and 4mm end mills. (see our other products)

1.5 KW spindle with inverter

If you choose this option we will include a 1.5 kW Air cooled spindle and matching inverter with ER11 collets which means you can have end mills between 1-7mm. 6,4 and 3,175mm collets are included. Other collet sizes need to be purchased separately.

A spindle like this is preferred if you cut daily, some materials require exact speeds like Aluminum. With an inverter you can set the speed with accuracy compared to a standard router.

The spindle will be wired and programmed so that you can start working right away. If you live outside EU and have different socket standard, please let us know.

These spindles are very quiet and durable. We have used the same spindle daily for almost 8 Years with out any issues at all.


Arduino with CNC Shield
Arduino with CNC shield is a more simpel variant of CNC electronics and can be operated with any computer that has a USB port. It has some limitations, such as multiple switches and zero plate that is available on our other machines. You can do well without these features if you only cut occasionally. Arduino is unable to control 2 switches at the same time, so it is not possible to calibrate the machine at 90 degrees at startup, but you can easily do this manually.

The CNC shield also cannot have advanced touch off plate, so you need to start from the surface of the material that you are cutting, which is the most preferred way to operate a machine. A touch of plate is a feature that is not needed. If you want a more advanced machine then you should look at Driver electronics. You can also upgrade your electronics afterwards if you notice that you need a more advanced machine. but doing that requires that you upgrade motors, cables and the electonics.

Driver electronics with computer
The machine comes with Arduino electronics but you can upgrade to Drivers and Breakout Board afterwards. Look at our product Electronic kit. Driver electronics are the most professional electronics you can have for these kinds of machines. They are more expensive and requires an older computer with printer port and 32Bit Windows operate system (if you run Mach3 software). If you want to use this kind of electronics on a modern computer with USB port you need a converter like this.

Some of the advantages with drivers is that the machine gets much stronger and has many more features like advanced touch off plates, calibration switches, on off features for spindles, laser and plasma. The variation of software is also much bigger and you can even use software’s that the industry use.

Consumption Table
Note! we include a consumption table in regular MDF and clamps. If you want a consumption table in black Valchromat, it’s a separate product. If you purchase the Black Consumption Table in the same order, we will keep the MDF table and deliver the Black Valchromat table without charge in the same shipment as the machine.

You can download a demo version of Estlcam which is a very easy program to learn. With Estlcam you can cut in both 2D and 3D and the price of the software is very cheap compared to other software. You can use any software you want that supports Arduino and GRBL. Read more at www.estlcam.com

Precision is a balance between user and machine. It’s about how well your drawings are, spindle quality, spindle speed and how fast you cut. At normal speeds, the machine has a measured accuracy of about 0.2 mm. This machine is the result of many years of development. We have cut several thousand meters of material with machines like these and done it daily for many years. An aluminum machine cannot be compared to a 1-ton steel machine for 100.000’ds of Eur so do not have too high expectations. This machine will cut in most material with a precision of 0.2mm if all your settings are perfect.

Payment, tax and delivery (Please read, important)
We accept bank payment and Paypal for this machine

Delivery in Europe is included in the price and free of charge. We have to disassemble the machine before delivery and you need to be two people to assemble it. You will get detailed instructions on how to do. It’s not difficult and should only take a few hours. Here is the instructions on how to assemble it

As a EU member you need to pay Swedish tax of 25% if you down own a valid company. If you own a company, you will need to enter your VAT number at checkout and the tax will not be added to the price. We will check with the registry to see that you have a valid company, if not we will charge you the tax even after delivery.

Non EU members in Europe (Norway, Switzerland for example)
Please contact us before you place your order. We need to send you an invoice since you don’t pay any tax in EU. The tax will be calculated at your own border. You can contact your customs to see how much tax they will add.

Size of the machine: 1000x1000mm
Width: 750mm (if you place the cable chain outside the machine)
Length: 750mm
Clearance under the Z-axis: approx. 120mm
Color: Sand blasted, see image below

To operate the machine, you need (Arduino version):

  • A computer with USB ports
  • Software such as Estlcam
  • Software to draw (Inkscape and Google SketchUp are free)
  • A table of the same size as the machine. Make the table a little longer for the keyboard and the screen

To operate the machine you need (Driver Version):

  • Software such as Mach3
  • Software to draw (Inkscape and Google SketchUp are free)
  • A table of the same size as the machine. Make the table a little longer for the keyboard and the screen

To build the machine you need:

  • One set of Torx keys
  • Wrench or fixed keys
  •  Screwdrivers
  •  Soldering equipment (Recommended but not required)

This is included in all machines with the optional electronics package (compare with other machines in the same price range)

  • Strong Nema 23 engines
  • Arduino or Driver Electronics with computer complete and ready to run
  • 15mm steel reinforced timingbelts
  • High quality cable chains
  • Strong aluminum plates up to 8mm in thickness
  • Possibility of upgrading electronics
  • Possibility of upgrading to racks and pinions
  • Possibility of upgrading the size up to 130x180cm
  • Steel reinforced X-axis
  • 100% steel bearings and steel parts and not plastic like other machines
  • A real Z-axis construction that can withstand real work. The Z-axis is expensive and of quality parts
  • Pre-built machine to about 80%
  • Consumption tables and clamps
  • Universal spindle holder for routers or spindles with 65mm shaft (You can have a larger routers/spindles but then the hole band must be replaced)
  • Shielded cables!
  • 3-6 Switches with cable
  • Led light for the Z-axis with cable
  • Emergency stop switch
  • Personal Support


Cutting aluminum with a standard router attached to the machine

15.000mm/min (Kuggstångsversion)

Raw 1.5 Aluminiumskärning (Kuggstångsversion)


Raw 1.5 Speed and strength test (Kuggstångsversion)

Cutting a fidget spinner (Kuggstångsversion)


Additional information


No, Standard router, 1.5KW spindle with inverter

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