Rails for consumable table CNC

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Product Description

Instead of holes, you can attach aluminum rails to the table. The rails are custom made to fit a standard 8mm carriage bolt which prevents the bolt from rotating. Between the rails you can have 16-19mm MDF which is easy to replace. You can splice the rails if necessary.

The rails come with pre-drilled holes (c/c 100mm). To attach the rails, you can place the rails on your utility table and drill through it with the same diameter of drill bit (6mm). You then attached the rails with a 4mm countersunk screw and a 4mm impact nut that you attach under the table, see illustration.

Do the same with the MDF boards that sit between the rails. A good distance between the rails is 100-113mm

Screw and impact nut are available as a separate product.

You will also need to buy clamps or make them yourself from M8 carriage bolt and steel plate.

Additional information

Length of rail

990mm, 1490mm

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