High quality spindle bracket diameter 65mm and 80mm

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From: 32
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Bracket that fits our and other machines on the market. You can attach it to aluminum profiles in the range of 20×60 and 20×80. You can also screw the bracket from the back and the side. The bracket has several holes on all sides.

For a regular trimmer it is sufficient with one bracket. If you are using a spidle you should have 2 brackets as the spider is longer.

Most trimmers are 65mm in diameter such as, Makita, Boch, Dewalt and the cheaper models. Spindles usually come in diameter 65 or 80mm.

Note that the brackets are exactly 65 and 80mm which means that the spindle fits exactly. If you have a hard time getting the spindle in place, then lubricate between the spindle and spindle bracket. The angle brackets of the larger spindle brackets (80mm) will be in the way of the spindle, you need to grind the corners of the angle bracket.

The bracket comes with
– 4 aluminum angles for attaching to 20×60 or 20×80 aluminum profile
– 4pcs M5 T-nuts (groove nut)
– 8pcs M5 8mm screw with Torx groove

Material: Aluminum
Surface: Black anodized
Thickness of goods: 20mm

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65mm, 80mm

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