Hardware for Raw 1.5 EXTENDED Ball screw (choose your own size)

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Coming soon!

Unfortunately, we do not have time to sell ready-made kits as we have other assignments. You can still build a Raw machine yourself but that means you have to do most of it yourself. It is not difficult only that the products must be purchased from about 3 different suppliers. Our package contains about 500 parts but some of the products you have to buy elsewhere. We have made it easy for you, just enter the desired dimensions in the form below and we will list everything you need and where you can buy the parts.

We have many orders of this produkt so delivery time is set to 2-3 weeks

If you are new to building CNC machines you can read the article “Read before you build” There is a lot of options and different variations of the machine.

Now it’s finally here, the Ball screw version of Raw 1.5 EXTENDED. Ball screw has an incredible precision and a much smoother flow.

Custom Size
You can build the machine in any size you like. We don’t recommend building a Raw ball screw machine bigger than 1300mm in any direction. The reason for this is that a ball screw starts to wobble after a certain length. The thickness of the ball screw we use is 16mm. You can probably modify the machine for 20mm ball screw, but this is untested and we do not have any support for that.

Use your own ball screws
The easiest way to proceed is to adapt the machine to the ball screws you purchased elsewhere. You can find ball screws on eBay.co.uk, or at our partner Dold Mechatronik in Germany: https://www.dold-mechatronik.de/index.php?k=573&lang=eng We recommend 1610 ball screws (16mm thick and with a 10mm pitch) The ball screw must be standard machined on both ends. (most of them are) so that the screw is 10mm in diameter on both ends and then 12mm a bit down on one end. We will fasten the ball screw with 10 and 12mm lock bearings and then use a 6.35-10mm coupling for the motors.

This is how it works,
Fill in your desired dimensions in the form below, and we will calculate the dimensions of the parts you need to purchase in addition to this package. When you have purchased the parts and this product, you have everything you need to build a Raw 1.5 machine in whatever measure you want. If you have ball screw that is 1200mm and 1000mm then you must subtract 15mm for length and width, for example 1185mm length and 985mm width. Contact us if you are unsure.

NOTE, Use MM not CM for example 1200 For a 1200mm machine

Fill in the form below to calculate your measurements. Max 2000mm in length x 1500mm in width.
We don't recommend building a Raw ball screw machine longer than 1300mm in any direction

Desired width of the machine in mm:

Desired length of machine in mm:


Note that the plates are not painted or treated. You can use them as they are or paint them.  If you want to paint the plates you have to sand them first so that the paint adheres. You also need to thread the holes for the plates yourself. You will need taps in sizes 5 and 8mm. Buy good taps so they don’t snapp.


The package includes over 500 pieces! All screws are labeled and in separate bags.

  • Plates in Steel and Aluminum
  • All M8 screws needed
  • All M6 Screws needed
  • All M5 screws needed
  • All M4 screws needed
  • All M3 screws needed
  • All M8 washers needed
  • All M5 washers needed
  • All M8 nuts needed
  • All M6 nuts needed
  • All M5 nuts needed
  • All M4 nuts needed
  • All flat screws needed to fasted the X-axis steel bar
  • All M5 t-nuts needed
  • All steel brackets needed to build the lower frame
  • All support band needed
  • All spacers needed
  • All aluminum Brackets needed
  • All connector plates needed
  • 4x 20mm SCE20UU
  • 4x Shaft Supports SHF20
  • 5x Flange bearings KFL000
  • 3x Flange bearings KFL001
  • 6x Switches
  • 4x Coupling 6,35/10
  • 1x 1605mm ball screw for Z-axis
  • 1x ball screw housing
  • 16x U-groove bearings
  • 2x steel shafts 20mm
  • Universal spindle and router mount.
  • Instructions in digital form


Driver electronics

You can choose to include driver electronics and we will include everything you need from drivers to all cables, cable chain and screws. If you want Arduino or other electronics you need to buy that elsewhere.

Drivers with Breakout Board are the most professional electronics you can have for these types of machines. They are more expensive and require an older computer with printer port and 32Bit Windows operating system (if you run Mach3 software) or a special USB adapter that converts the LPT signals to USB. (click on the link for more info).

Some of the benefits of drivers are that the machine gets much stronger and has many more features like advanced touch-off plate (reset plate), calibration switches, on and off spindle, laser and plasma functions. The range of software is much larger, and you can also use software that the industry uses.

If you choose Driver Electronics, you will be able to calibrate your machine so that it starts at 90-degree angle and you can also have an advanced touch off plate that we offer as a separate product or you can make your own. Read here what you need to run driver electronics https://rawcnc.com/set-up-mach-3/

You can look at our website which drivers we use.

Driver electronics with USB
There are not many adapters that can handle this and we only know one that works well, read more here

Power supply
We only use 1 Power supply of 14.5A. Each motor is 3A so together it will be 12A.This is at the limit of what is recommended.We have always used only 1 power supply  which is sufficient for a standard Raw machine as we do not run the motors at full speed.If you are running the machine hard and at high speed, then it may be a good idea to split your motors into 2 power supply units. We have never needed 2 for one machine but if this is something you think is needed then buy one more.

We don’t sell spindles or routers due to warranties difficulties. There is a lot of good sources for this.
Go to www.ebay.co.uk for example and search for Katsu trimmer for a budget version or 1.5kw air cooled spindle with inverter for a more professional version. If you buy a spindle with inverter, then you can follow our guide in the article section on how to wire it. remember that a trimmer has a lot of noise and vibrates more while a spindle is very quiet and vibrates less. The spindle we recommend above has ER11 Collets which means that you can have 1-7mm endmills. A trimmer has usually 6 or 8mm collets. We have special adapters in our shop so that you can use 3 and 4 mm end mills as well. We will include a universal spindle mount with the hardware that fits most of the spindles and routers. You can also have an edge trimmer from Makita, Bosch or Dewalt,  as long as the trimmer has a round shaft.

Threaded holes
You have to thread profiles and plates yourself. This is not difficult and you can use a screwdriver to make it go faster.  You will need taps in sizes 5 and 8mm. Buy good taps so they don’t snapp.

Note that if you plan to build the machine longer or wider, add more cable. We include cable for a large machine 130x130cm

What can I cut with a Raw 1.5
Soft wood, hardwood, chipboard, Mdf, plastic, aluminum, sketching, 3D cutting and engraving, etc. Note that aluminum is hard to learn to cut and there are better machines for it such as laser or water jet. If you only going to cut aluminum then look for a more expensive machine, like water or laser machines. If you want to cut a lot of aluminum, then you should look at more expensive industrial machines. We ourselves have cut 1000’s of meter aluminum with the machines but it is difficult to learn. The machine is mostly for hardwood, wood and softer materials such as plastic. Do not buy the machine if you only need to cut aluminum.

When you purchase this item, you will get access to the extra material on our site that will help you to build the machine. The extra material contains detailed illustrations of all 3 versions of the machine, Mach3 settings, Spindle settings, Auto tool settings and illustrations of the electronics. You don’t need any other products than this to get access to the rest of the articles

Raw 1.5 compared to an expencive industrial machine.

Example instructions

The video instructions can be found on our homepage or on Youtube.

Building a radiator cover with a Raw CNC machine


This is from a customer who is cutting a branding iron from copper. The user is CNCswede and you can find him and his work on Youtube.


Additional information

Include Driver electronics

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