End mill 6mm 2 straight flutes for wood and MDF

9 inc. Vat

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Pinnfräs 5mm diameter Carbide


Product Description

End mill with two straight “flutes”
Diameter of shaft: 6mm
Diameter of cut: 6mm
Cutting length: 30mm Total length: 58mm
Perfect for machining in MDF, pine and hardwood

Straight flutes are perfect for MDF and wood. When using straight flutes, you dont lift  the workpiece away from the table, which can cause vibration that causes the end mill to snap. You also get minimal dust formation with straight flutes.

The number of flutes depends on what you cut in. For example, when you cut in Aluminum, you want bigger Chips because it is a soft metal. A 4-flute end mill tends to not have enough space between the flutes to allow the material to evacuate, so that they stick to the end mill and it stops working well. In this case, a 1-2 flute pin mill would be better.

A 4 (or more) flute end mill has multiple cutting surfaces at each rotation, giving a finer surface at the same speed as a 2-flute milling cutter, so you have a lower-speed friction spindle.





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