Complete kit for Raw 1.5 Rack and pinion EXTENDED version

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We move to new premises and the deliverytime may take up to 3 weeks.

Lead time 1-3 weeks


If you are new to building CNC machines you can read the article “Read before you build” There is a lot of options and different variations of the machine. We also have pre built machines.

The option “Pre wired electronic box” is not avalible right now. If you choose to buy the kit with electronics, we will include every thing you need, even the actual box.

Raw EXTENDED is the most rigid version and can be up to 1800mm long and 1300mm wide. We don’t recommend building it larger. We have seen machines up to 2000mm in length and they work fine if you cut wood and other soft materials and it’s up to you to decide if you want to build it larger than the recommended size. If you want other sizes then go our Hardware products. This package contains everything except waste table that you can cut after the machine is built.  Go here for a guide.

Note that the plates are not painted or grinded. If you don’t want to paint them you can just brush them.

The package includes over 500 pieces! All screws are labeled and in separate bags.

  • Alu Profile 20x80x1800 mm 2pcs
  • Alu Profile 20x80x1300 mm 2pcs
  • Alu Profile 20x80x109 mm 3pcs
  • Alu Profile 20x60x300 mm 1 pcs
  • Alu Profile 20x60x1760 mm 4pcs
  • Alu Profile 20x60x1290 mm 2pcs
  • Shaft clamp 1790 mm 2 pcs
  • Shaft clamp 1750 mm 2 pcs
  • Shaft clamp 1300 mm 4pcs
  • Steel shaft 6mm 1790 mm 2 pcs
  • Steel shaft 6mm 1750 mm 2 pcs
  • Steel shaft 6mm 1300 mm 4pcs
  • Angular steel 1790mm 2pcs
  • Steel tube 60x40x2-3mm L=1290mm 1pcs
    Racks MOD1 2x 1795 and 1x 1295mmPlates depending on machine in Steel and Aluminum
  • All M8 screws needed
  • All M6 Screws needed
  • All M5 screws needed
  • All M4 screws needed
  • All M3 screws needed
  • All M8 washers needed
  • All M5 washers needed
  • All M8 nuts needed
  • All M6 nuts needed
  • All M5 nuts needed
  • All M4 nuts needed
  • All flat screws needed to fasted the X-axis steel bar
  • All M5 t-nuts needed
  • All steel brackets needed to build the lower frame
  • All support band needed
  • All spacers needed
  • All aluminum Brackets needed
  • All connector plates needed
  • 4x 20mm SCE20UU
  • 4x Shaft Supports SHF20
  • 2x Flange bearings KFL000
  • 6x Switches
  • 1x Coupling 6,35/10
  • 1x 10mm Trapezoidal screw 33cm
  • 1x Delrin nut
  • 16x U-groove bearings
  • 2x steel shafts 20mm
  • 3x Bearing 608 (Racks version)
  • 12x Bearing 608 (Belt version)
  • 3x Pulleys for 15mm steel reinforced HTD3 belt (belt version)
  • 3x Gears of highest quality. 15 teeth Mod1 (Racks version)
  • Universal spindle and router mount.
  • Instructions in digital form
  • Electronics (Can be included to this package)

Driver electronics

Note! We dont have the large switches anymore, instead we will include the smaller ones that we use for the other machines. If you want the larger ones then search for LXW5-11M on eBay or Amazon.

You can choose to include driver electronics and we will include everything you need from drivers to all cables, cable chain and screws. If you want Arduino or other electronics you need to buy that elsewhere. You can also buy pre-wired electronics as seen in the picture. With a pre-wired electronic box you only need to connect the motor cables and switch cables to the board (the gray cables) Instructions are included. We will also include plugs that you can solder to the cables if you like. This is optional and only for anyone who can solder. We can’t solder the plugs over here since the motor cables also need plugs. Instructions for this is also included. It is easy to build the box yourself. Look at the instructions on our site to see how easy it is and since everything is included you can just follow along.

Drivers with Breakout Board are the most professional electronics you can have for these types of machines. They are more expensive and require an older computer with printer port and 32Bit Windows operating system (if you run Mach3 software) or a special USB adapter that converts the LPT signals to USB. (click on the link for more info).

Some of the benefits of drivers are that the machine gets much stronger and has many more features like advanced touch-off plate (reset plate), calibration switches, on and off spindle, laser and plasma functions. The range of software is much larger, and you can also use software that the industry uses.

If you choose Driver Electronics, you will be able to calibrate your machine so that it starts at 90-degree angle and you can also have an advanced touch off plate that we offer as a separate product or you can make your own. Read here what you need to run driver electronics

You can look at our website which drivers we use.

Driver electronics with USB
There are not many adapters that can handle this and we only know one that works well, read more here

We don’t sell spindles or routers due to warranties difficulties. There is a lot of good sources for this.
Go to for example and search for Katsu trimmer for a budget version or 1.5kw air cooled spindle with inverter for a more professional version. If you buy a spindle with inverter, then you can follow our guide in the article section on how to wire it. remember that a trimmer has a lot of noise and vibrates more while a spindle is very quiet and vibrates less. The spindle we recommend above has ER11 Collets which means that you can have 1-7mm endmills. A trimmer has usually 6 or 8mm collets. We have special adapters in our shop so that you can use 3 and 4 mm end mills as well. We will include a universal spindle mount with the hardware that fits most of the spindles and routers.

You need to thread/ tap a lot of holes. You can choose to thread the plates and profiles yourself or let us do it. If you go to the instruction pages you can see the threading instructions over there. Choose one with good quality or the tap may break. If you choose to thread the plates and profiles, you need M4, M5 and M8 taps

We only use Shielded cables for the machine. You don’t have to ground the shield when using a standard router or trimmer but with an inverter it’s recommended to shield the switch cables to avoid leakage (See more in the instructions). The cables are approximately 1 meter longer than the machine so that you can have the electronic box under or next to the machine. All cables are included if you choose to buy this product with any electronic option.

Note that if you are planning to build the machine bigger then add more cable. If you add more cable in the same order you will get the cable un cut so that you can cut it yourself. Let’s say that you are building a machine that is 20 cm longer and 10 cm wider. Add 30 cm extra cable for all motors (4×30 20 AWG 4-lead cable) and 30 cm extra cable for the switches (?x30 22 AWG 2-lead cables) and 30cm extra LED cable. Now when you know how much more cable you need then order that along with the hardware and we will add that to the existing cables.

What can I cut with a Raw 1.5
Soft wood, hardwood, chipboard, Mdf, plastic, aluminum, sketching, 3D cutting and engraving, etc. Note that aluminum is hard to learn to cut and there are better machines for it such as laser or water jet. If you only going to cut aluminum then look for a more expensive machine, like water or laser machines. If you want to cut a lot of aluminum, then you should look at more expensive industrial machines. We ourselves have cut 1000’s of meter aluminum with the machines but it is difficult to learn. The machine is mostly for hardwood, wood and softer materials such as plastic. Do not buy the machine if you only need to cut aluminum.

With rack you can cut at high speeds with very good accuracy. Racks gives a mechanical noise when you operate the machine, this is normal since you can’t lubricate racks in a dusty environment. The sound disappears after a while when the rack adjusts to the gears and it does not affect cutting results at any point.

When you purchase this item, you will get access to the extra material on our site that will help you to build the machine. The extra material contains detailed illustrations of all 3 versions of the machine, Mach3 settings, Spindle settings, Auto tool settings and illustrations of the electronics. You don’t need any other products than this to get access to the rest of the articles

Example instructions

Example of the video instructions that can be found on Youtube and our site along with the illustrations.

This is from a customer who is cutting a branding iron from copper. The user is CNCswede and you can find him and his work on Youtube.


Additional information

Include Driver electronics

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Pre wired electronic box

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Threaded plates (tap holes)

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