Ball screw upgrade for Raw 1.5 and Raw 1.5 Extended 990x990mm

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From: 341,25
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We have many pre-orders of this upgrade so delivery time is set to 2-3 weeks  

Now it’s finally here, the Ball screw upgrade for 990x990mm machines. This upgrade gives your machine an incredible precision and a much smoother flow. The upgrade comes with custom made ball screw in C7 class with a 10mm pitch, new plates and hardware. No need to change the electronics if you have 3A motors and drivers. This upgrade is not suitable for Arduino electronics.

There is a lot of parts that must be replaced and assembling the ball screws requires precision. It’s not difficult but you need to make sure everything is in level. Ball screws don’t work good if something is 1mm out of place.

There are are two different upgrades, Raw 1.5 and Raw 1.5 EXTENDED.
Raw 1.5 has a low base and smaller corner plates and no double side plates. Raw EXTENDED has bigger corner plates and double side plates. If you are unsure just send us a picture of your machine.

This upgrade is for a standard 990x990mm machine. You can have ball screw up to 1300mm in any direction. It’s not recommended to build a Raw 1.5 ball screw machine longer than that. The reason for this is that a ball screw starts to wobble after a certain length. The thickness of the ball screw we use is 16mm. You can probably modify the machine for 20mm ball screw but this is untested and we do not have any support for that.

If you need longer ball screws
The ball screw needs to be custom made since the length of the screw has to be exact. This is done in a factory in Asia and we can take custom orders, but it will be more expensive (around 200 EUR) and will take 2 weeks extra in delivery time. Contact us with the length of your 20×80 profiles in both directions so that we can calculate exact costs.

Whats included
3x C7 cusom made 1610 ballscrews machined in both ends
3x Ball screw nuts
3x Ballscrew housing
2x New sideplates
2x New reinforcement plates (Extended)
4x New cornerplates
6x lock bearings
26x New longer Spacers
3x 6.35x10mm Couplings
All hardware and screws needed.

It can be difficult to get the gears or pulleys out from your old motors. If they have a tight fit, dont try to remove them with force. The best way is to clamp the gear or pulley and then knock it out with a bolt or anything that fits the hole while the motor is hanging in the air.


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Type of upgrade

Raw 1.5, Raw 1.5 EXTENDED

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