1,5 kW Spindle with inverter ER16 collets 1-10mm

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Product Description

As a customer you will have access to all our instructions. Read our instructions on how to connect the spindle to get it right.

Note that this spindle has a Huanyang inverter or similar and not the fake ones commonly sold with these spindles. With a Huanyang inverter you can connect Mach3 or other software to control your inverter. The appearance of the Inverter varies depending on availability, some inverters come with steering wheel but not all times. The important thing is that it is an inverter of Huanyang type.

1.5 kW AIR COOLED motor spindle and matching inverter with ER16 chucks/collet which means you can have end mills between 1-10mm. The collets are purchased separately. A 6mm collet is  included


You can buy the same or similar spindles with inverter from eg. Aliexpress. Shipping is usually very expensive and taxes are added. If you buy from Asia, make sure you find the right inverter of Huanyang type.

A spindle suitable for all kinds of work. The spindle also comes with an inverter. These may be difficult to connect, but support and instructions are included when purchasing.

Technical Parameter of 1.5 kW Air-cooled Spindle Motor

To connect the spindle you need about 5-6m 3 wired power cable. 4m between spindle and inverter and about 1-2m from inverter to socket.

Please note that plug  and cord are not included as most countries have different standards. Don’t forget to ground the spindle, Grounding is not mandatory in Asia so most spindles will gbe  ungrounded.

1) Spec: 80 * 200 mm (diameter: 80mm x Length: 200 mm)
2) Power: 1.5 KW
3) Voltage: 220V
4) Frequency: 400 Hz
5) Speed: 0-24000 RPM
6) Air Cooling
7) For Er16 sleeves

Technical Paramer for 1.5 kW variable frequency inverter
1) Voltage: 220V ± 15%

2) Output voltage – 208-240VAC (analog to Voltage)
3) Input Frequency: 48-63 Hz
4) Output Frequency: 0-400 Hz
5) Input Phase: 1/3 phase
6) Output phase: 3 phase

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