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So you are interested of building your own Raw1.5, good choice a CNC machine is as obvious as any tool in your workshop. If you are buying a larger commercial CNC you will have to spend 10.000 ds of euros even if you only need it for simple jobs so building one will save you a lot of money.

A smaller machine is stronger and perfect for tougher work like aluminum cutting and hardwood. The bigger machines will also be good for this but needs extra support. You can read our articles on how to build a larger Raw 1.5

Where to start?
You need the source files and the plates, you can buy them here:

After that you just need to follow the instructions here: Instructions for Raw 1.5

Is it difficult to build the machine?
Not really, if you are somewhat handy it will be no problems, just follow the video instructions and study the exploded drawings of the machine. I have had customers who successfully built our machines with their kids and without any experience at all. The electronics might seem scary but it’s easy, we will explain it all and you only need to follow our tutorials. All parts are drilled and cut in the right dimensions. If you are unsure you can buy one of our pre-built machines.

What does it cost to build the machine?
This is a high-quality machine with real parts, no plastic wheels or weak timing belts like the other machines out there. If you follow the BOM list with the links we suggest the machine frame will cost around 8-900EUR, if you buy some parts at eBay for example you will save 100ds of Eur. Many of the parts can also be second hand without reducing the quality of the machine.

What can i cut with a Raw 1.5
You can cut almost anything, we use the machines daily to cut parts for other machines. We cut Aluminum, Plastics and wood. Look at the videos below this page to see the machine cut 8mm thick aluminum.

15.000mm/min jogging

Raw 1.5 cutting aluminum


Raw 1.5 Speed and strength test

Cutting a fidget spinner

Part 3 Raw 1.5 Y and X axis assemble

Part 4 Raw 1.5 The Z axis

Part 5 Raw 1.5 Miscellaneous parts and cable chain

Part 6 Raw 1.5 Timing belt (Go to Part 6 Racks and pinions below if you have a rack system)

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