Electronics for Raw 1.5

The electronics
Many of you prefer to use your own electronics instead of the one we suggest and you can do what ever you like as long as the motors are standard nema23.  We recommend that you buy the electronics from eBay for example, it will be cheaper for you. The download contains a detailed list of the electronics, both a profesional and a budget version, USB or printerport controlled.   The electronic box seen in the instructions can be cut after the machine is built, we also include the .DXF files for the electronic box and you can modify it to fit your needs. There are .DXF files for arduino card and Drivers box. You got a CNC machine after all, so why not cut it yourself.

Buy the source files from here: http://rawcnc.com/product/raw-1-5-source-files/

Video Instructions
To add these electronics to a Raw 1.5 you will just need to follow the video instructions. It’s not difficult just follow along…

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