Raw 1.3-1.5 budget version

You can build a Raw1.5 machine cheaper and almost as good as the original. The only difference is the choice of materials and what the machine will be used for.
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vinklar Instead of the aluminum brackets that can cost around 1.5Eur pcs, you can choose common construction brackets that only cost n around 0.4Eur each. Most construction brackets have a hole diameter of 5mm and 20mm between the holes just like the aluminum brackets. In this way, you can save up to 19Eur



Skip the shaft clamps. Shaft clamps can cost around 5Eur meter and a Raw1.5 machine uses about 8m shaft clamp. Instead you can glue the 6mm rod directly in the slot with eg silicone and you will save around 37Eur. The rod will be in place when the bearings forcing the rod against the profile groove.


raw1_3_alternativxBuild cheaper y and x axes. This idea comes from a visitor who wondered if it was possible to do it this way to save some money. Instead of buying 20 × 80 and 20 × 60 profile, which costs about 25Eur and 10Eur meters you can buy 20 × 20 profiles and screw them in cheaper materials as shown in the picture. Good idea if you can cope with the extra work involved.



raw1_3_kullagerSkip two bearings. The ball bearings in the Y-axis of the Raw plates are there to push down the upper ball bearings, you can get by with only one lower bearing instead of two, this way you will save about 14Eur, a bearing costs you around 7Eur each.





raw1_3_axlaerInstead of a 4-axle set of electronics it is possible to use 3-axis electronic. There are step motors with dual axles. If you place the motor in the middle of the x-axis you can extend the motor shafts, as shown. This is for experienced builders but entirely possible. You can save some since 3-axis electronics are cheaper.




kabelkedjaSkip the cable chain. Cable chains are expensive and you will need about 1.5m chain. You can use a flexible plastic splint to which you attach the cables in. You can also use shorter chains, if you attach the chain in the middle of the axis movement it will reach to both sides for half the cost.


raw1_3_underredeReplace the chassis of the machine. Aluminum profiles are expensive but you can use whatever you want as the base for the machine. As long as you choose straight and stiff materials, you can use anything here. Take e.g. steel profiles or square aluminum profiles that are much cheaper.



PB090135Remove two bearing blocks. If you are only going to cut in lighter materials such as MDF or plastic you can skip two bearing blocks on the z axis. Ball bearing blocks are expensive and cost around 10Eur each.