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You can order the machine but im out of electronics…

We just released the machine and there are many pre orders. The delivery time is around 3-4 weeks due to import time of various parts. The machine is only avalible as one size at the moment. We will add a larger machine and you will be able to use almost all parts to upgrade to a bigger machine if needed.

We will update the products with more information. If you have questions, just send us a mail or use the live chat on our page

Raw S-70 cnc machine “Do it your self Kit”

Raw S-Series is a highly flexible machine with many different options. The S-series machines are much stronger and cheaper that aluminum machines. You can choose to have different drives like timing belt, trapezoidal screw, ball screw, rack and pinions. You can make the machine as long as you like but you will need longer belts and angle bars to do that.

A standard Raw S comes with V-groove wheels instead of U-groove wheels like the Raw1.3. You can how ever use U-groove wheels if you like that option better. See the illustrations for the different settings.

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This kit includes all you need to start cutting.  We only sell the machine with timing belt but you can change drive as in the images above. This is a DIY kit and you will be a ble to make it as good as you like depending on budget and what materials you are cutting.

V-groove wheels
This machine uses V-groove bearings on a 3mm aluminum or steel angle bar. The aluminum anglebars will not wear out from normal use since it has 45 degree angles on both sides but if you like to have steel instead you can choose that option but its more expencive.

U-groove Wheels
You can replace the V-groove bearings to U-groove bearings like the Raw1.3 but that is more expensive, i personally think that both solutions ar equally good. You can also modify the machine to use guided bearings on a steel shaft or anything else, it’s up to you and the machine is easy to modify for your needs.

Belt, Racks or Screw?
A standard Raw S machine comes with timing belts and this is a good choice up to a certain length of the machine. I recommend you to change the belt to racks or screw if your machine will be longer than 1 meter to avoid “back lash”. Belt has a good precision and is both cheap and fast. Racks are better since it has no back lash and good speed but are more expensive. Screw is good but slower, you will also need to have better electronics to be able to turn the screw fast.  You should upgrade your machine to Racks or screw if you are planning to build it bigger or if you are cutting harder materials like Aluminum. You can buy a Rack and pinion kit for your machine as a separate product.

Composite frame?
The biggest difference from a Raw1.3 and our new S-series machine is that its built with composite instead of Aluminum. The problem with Aluminum is that it vibrates a lot and don’t absorb vibrations as good as steel for example. Composite is a perfect budget material that absorbs vibrations better and is stronger than aluminum extrusion bars. The best machine you can build would be in steel but it’s difficult to build and expensive. We can’t sell steel machines as DIY kits since the shipping would be too expensive and it would require tools that not many have.


Machine: Width: 1000mm, Length: 1010mm, Height table: 110mm, height over all: around 500mm.
Cutting area: 720mmx740mm
Clearens under the z axis: 100mm

This Package includes

  • All parts cut in 19mm thick composite
  • 16 PCS high quality V-groove bearings
  • 3meter HDT 15mm timing belt steel reinforced

  • 3×15 tooth HDT pulley for Nema 23 motors
  • 1x coupling 6.35×10 for Nema 23 motors
  • 2x 300x20mm steel shafts
  • 8x bearings 22×7
  • 4x LM20UU shaft bearings
  • 2x KFL000 lock bearing
  • 4x SHF20 shaft clamps
  • 1x 320x10mm trapezoidal screw
  • 1x 10mm Delrin nut
  • 4x aluminum spacers 35mm
  • 4x M5 screw 45mm
  • 5x T-nuts
  • 4x brackets
  • 1x Hose clamp
  • 12x long regular screws
  • 4x short regular screw
  • 40x Washer M8 25mm diam
  • 24x Washer M8 16mm diam
  • 24x Washer M6 12mm diam
  • 30x Washer M5 10mm diam
  • 2x M8 bolt element
  • 6x M6 bolt element
  • 4x angel bar 870mm
  • 4x  angel bar 960mm
  • 1x  angel bar 995mm
  • 3x steel brackets
  • 1x 30x60x300 aluminum extrusion bar
  • 24x M6 cross nuts
  • 4x M8 35mm
  • 12x M8 45mm
  • 12x M6 25mm
  • 24x M6 40mm
  • 2x M5 60mm
  • 4x M5 50mm
  • 26x M6 75mm
  • 26x M6 30mm
  • 8x M5 30mm
  • 28x M5 16mm
  • 5x M5 8mm
  • 16x M8 nut
  • 64x M6 nut
  • 32x M5 nut

Electronics (Optional)

  • 2x Cable chains
  • 22m Shielded cables
  • 1x CNC Shield + UNO R3 Board + 4 X A4988 Driver Kit
  • 14x jumpers
  • 4x Nema 23 motors
  • 1x  Switching power supply
  • 1x 300x300x95mm Electronics box with fan
  • 5 x Limit micro switch
  • Dupont cables for Arduino
  • (Electric socket not included for power supply since all have different standards but you can buy one at your local hardware store)


  • Instructions to build the machine
  • Support all the way

To build the machine you will need

  • A stable table atleast 1x1m
  • Power drill
  • Drills 4-8mm
  • Solder pen (optional)
  • A set of hex keys
  • A set of Screwdrivers
  • A set of wrench keys
  • Clamp
  • Metal file
  • Electric tape
  • Electric socket for the power supply and approximately 2 meter grounded cable  (Not included since all countrys have different standards. You will find it in your local hardware store)
  • A Multimeter (for Arduino card)

You will also need to buy a piece of MDF for the CNC base table, the shipping cost is to high to include it. The MDF piece needs to be 16mm thick and 970x860mm. You can drill the holes as seen in the illustrations with the machine as soon as your machine is built.

Here is an example on the instructions on how to build the machine. Part 4. You can find the rest of the videos here: http://rawcnc.com/instruktioner-raw-s70/

Raw S-70 3D carving

Raw S-70 cutting 4mm aluminum

Raw S-70 cutting in 30mm Oak


Strength Demo

Se hur ett arbetsflöde kan gå till (raw 1.3)




Additional information

Include all electronics

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Include 16 pcs v-groove bearings

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Type of angle bars

Aluminum, Steel

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