Raw 1.5 source files


The RawPack is an up-to-date list with all the material needed to build the machine.


This is a downloadable product. Please save your login details to be able to download the package. You can also contact us for support.

The files do not contain any 3D models but only .dxf files for the plates (Files that can be sent to anyone who can cut the plates for you) as well as instructions and detail list with links to each product. The package contains all instructions and all the information you need to build the machine.

With the Raw source files You will know exactly what to buy and where you will find the parts. It also includes all .dxf files needed for someone to cut your plates. You will also get the drawings on all parts and additional instructions that will help you to build the machine properly. The plates is also avalible as a product on www.cncmaskiner.org if you cant find someone to cut them for you. If possible, cut the plates in steel, that will take the machine even stronger.

Note that the links to the products are mainly for European users. If you live outside Europe you need to find the parts where you live or import them from Europe.  


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