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Raw 1.5 CNC DIY kit 100x100cm

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Raw 1.5 CNC DIY kit is a strong CNC machine with everything needed to get started.
This machine is very strong compared to other DIY machines in this price range. The machine has steel reinforcements and quality parts and a real Z-axis construction. A complete Raw 1.5 weigh around 40-60 kg and is not made of weak plastic parts and 6 mm thin timing  belts.

Grow with your machine
Raw 1.5 can be upgraded to racks and sizes up to 180x130cm. Plates for a basic rack version is included but you can also upgrade the machine to our EXTENDED version which has double side and back plates, higher base and higher clearance under the Z-axis. Upgrade instructions are available for anyone buying this kit. We don’t sell bigger machines than 100x100cm and if you want to upgrade there is some parts that needs to be replaced and we will list everything you need with links to each product as example.

Steel reinforcements
Raw is designed so that you can reinforce your machine with steel to make it super strong. A steel bar for the X-axis is included in the kit. Reinforcements for the Y and A axis is not included in the kit and not needed for smaller machines. To reinforce the Y and A axis you need angle bar in the size 40x40x4mm. Look at the drawings for instructions when your kit arrives. We also have angle bar in the shop, but they are expensive to ship. The Y and A axis needs reinforcements for machines longer than 100cm. When the steel reinforcements are in place a raw is so strong and robust that a full-grown person can stand on the X-axis while it cuts.

Timing belt or racks?
A raw can handle both. This kit comes with a complete set of timing belt drive and plates for a basic rack version (only plates). Timing belt works very well for machines under 100cm if the belt is wide and steel reinforced like the ones we use. You can cut everything with timing belt that racks can, aluminum hardwood and plastics. Racks is used for higher speeds and machines longer/wider than 100cm. If you are cutting in very fine details or in 3D then belt is recommended.

What can I cut with a Raw 1.5
Soft wood, hardwood, chipboard, Mdf, plastic, lighter aluminum cutting, sketching, 3D cutting and engraving, and much more.

Is it difficult to build the machine?
If you are somewhat handy, it’s not difficult at all, just follow the video instructions and illustrations. The electronics may seem scary but we have prepared all cables and the actual electronic box so that you just need to plug in the machine after its built and after that you can start cutting.

Is it difficult to operate the machine?
It’s always tricky to do something new but after cutting your first piece you will understand. Once you know how to do it, it’s very easy.

If you want this kit as cheap as possible there is a lot of things you can do yourself. Paint the plates, Tap/thread the holes, wire the electronics. Chose options in the field above.

  • Threaded holes: Save money by threading the holes yourself. We charge for this since its time consuming for us to do this. It’s not difficult and you can easily do it yourself. If you are threading the plates and profiles by yourself, choose good taps like the ones we have on our site. Cheap taps will snap and its almost impossible to get them out of the holes.
  • Panted plates: We powder coat the plates. To powder coat plates is an expensive way of painting but gives a very hard surface that can’t be achieved with ordinary paint. You can also polish aluminum to have a raw look and that’s easy to do.
  • Electronics: When you buy our electronics, we prepare the electronic box and the cables so that all you do is to connect the cables to the motors and box. Some of you wants to have other electronics or already have electronics. You can use any electronics you like if it’s for Nema 23 motors. If you exclude the electronics, then no electronics are included. see the electronics list below to see what’s included/excluded
  • Waste table: Black Valchromat with clamps . You can make this by yourself and if you can’t find black Valchromat then use 12mm MDF that you can paint matte black.
  • Spindle/router: You can include a standard router to your kit. The router has an ok precision and perfect to begin with. We also have special adapters so you can have 3,4,6,8 mm endmills. (see our other products) We also sell a 1.5 KW spindle with inverter that is for more professional use. You can also start with a dremmel to cut into very soft materials or engraving.

You can download a demo version of Estlcam which is a very easy software to learn. With Estlcam you can cut both 2D and 3D and the price of the software is very cheap compared to other software’s. You can use any software you like that has support for Arduino and GRBL.  Read more at

Router or spindle with inverter

The precision is a balance between user and machine. It’s about how well your drawings are, spindle quality, spindle speeds, and how fast you cut. At normal speeds, the machine has a measured accuracy of about 1-2 / 10mm. This machine is the result of many years of development. We have cut several thousand meters of material with machines like these and done it daily for many years. An aluminum machine cannot be compared to a 1 ton steel machine for 100.000Eur so  dont have to high expectations, this machine will cut in most materials with an accuracu of 1-2/10mm if all your settings are perfect.

Cutting Area:
Width: 750mm if you move the cable chain outside of the machine
Length: 750mm
Clearance under the z-axis: 105mm


This package without any extra contains (over 500 pieces)

  • 2x 8mm side plates
  • 4x 6mm corner plates
  • 2x 6mm Z-Axle plates
  • 2x 6mm X-Axle Plates
  • 3x 4mm engine plates (included  but only needed for racks)
  • 3x 4mm bearing plates (included  but only needed for racks)


  • 20×40 aluminum profiles
  • 20×60 aluminum profiles
  • 20×80 aluminum profiles
  • Steel bar for X-axis
  • Steel rods for u-track bearings
  •  All screws in different sizes
  • All nuts in different sizes
  • All tiles in different sizes
  • T-nuts
  • 4x sliding bearing block 20mm
  • 4x axle support 20mm
  • 2x 20mm steel axles 32cm
  • 1x Delrin nut with anti-backlash function
  • 1 x trapezoidal screw 32cm
  • 16x high quality U-track bearings
  • bearings 8x22x7mm
  • 2x flange bearing 10mm
  • 1x coupling
  • Timing belt, steel reinforced
  • 3x Pulleys
  • 4x spacers and screws
  • 6x Brackets
  • 6x Hole plates
  • LED lights for Z-axis
  • Black valchromat waste table (optional)

Electronics box with cables (optional)

  • Cable chains
  • Shielded cables 4 lead for motors all soldered and cut in correct sizes
  • Shielded cables 2 lead for switches all soldered and cut in correct sizes
  • 1x CNC Shield + UNO R3 Board + 4 X DRV8825 Driver Kit
  • 14x jumpers
  • 4x Nema 23 motors
  • 1x  switching power supply
  • 1x 300x300x95mm Electronics box with fan
  • 5 x Limit micro switch
  • Dupont cables for Arduino


  • Instructions to build the machine
  • Instructions on how to upgrade the machine to Racks or EXTENDED
  • Stickers
  • Support

To build the machine you will need

  • A stable table atleast 1x1m
  • Power drill
  • Drills 4-8mm
  • taps 4,5,8mm (Only if you want to tap the holes)
  • Solder pen (Only if you dont include the electronics)
  • A set of Torx keys
    A set of Hex keys
  • A set of Screwdrivers
  • A set of wrench keys

To operate the machine you need:

  • A computer with USB
  • Software like Estlcam
  • Software to draw (Inkscape is free)
  • A table in the same size as the machine. Make the table a bit longer for the keyboard and screen

NOTE: the kit includes wiring of high current between the power supply and the electronics. This must be done by someone experienced. High current is dangerous. We do not take responsibilities for faulty wiring or injuries. The wiring from the electronics to motors and switches are low current and harmless.

Here is an example on the instructions on how to build the Raw 1.5 machine. When you receive your package, you will also get exploded drawings and additional instructions 


15.000mm/min jogging

Raw 1.5 cutting aluminum


Raw 1.5 Speed and strength test

Cutting a fidget spinner





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