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Product Description

Before you purchase a DIY kit you have to look at the instruction videos to make sure that you understand what you are up against. It’s not hard to build the machine for someone who is handy but this might not be for everyone. If you are unsure we have pre-built machines.

This is not plates for the Extended version. We dont sell plates for that machine yet only kits.

A high-quality CNC machine
This machine is the strongest DIY kit in this price range that we know of. The plates are very thick compare to other builds. Some kits out there have 3mm plates, we use 4-8mm thick aluminum. It’s a bit more expensive but this is a real CNC machine and not a toy. A complete Raw 1.5 weight about 55-60 kilo and contains quality parts and steel reinforcements. If you would ask some one else to cut them for you the normal price would be 350 EUR and more for one set. Choose between racks or timing belt. We don’t use plastic parts and rubber bands as timing belt. Most kits have a very weak Z-axis, a raw has a very stable Z-axis and can cut in high speeds and tough materials. The plates are, laser cut. You will need to grind the plates before you paint them.

Please check out the instruction videos before you purchase to see if this is for you.

The package includes all plates needed to build a machine in any size driven by belt or racks. We also include a complete BOM list with links to all parts needed, drawings, pictures and other helpful documents. If you live outside EU you need to find the parts where you live, but most parts are easy to find on eBay etc.

We have to break down the machine to smaller parts since we have customers all over the world. We can’t send longer parts than 50cm without very high shipping costs so we ask you to buy aluminum profiles and racks nearby or from a web shop close to you

For a complete machine, you need This package and…

  • Hardware:  (Or buy the parts separately by following the list provided)
  • Electronics (You will get a detailed list over the electronics and where/what to buy in the plate package, there is a budget and a professional version)
  • Aluminium profiles and shafts/clamps/racks (Buy at You will get a detailed list where/what to buy in the plate package)
  • Steel bar 40x60x2mm around 100cm. (local hardware store)
  • Aluminum angle bar 20×20 100cm (for cable chain support)
  • A spindle/Router

What does it cost to build a Raw 1.5?

You can build the machine for around 600 EUR and up without the electronics depending on where you buy the parts. If you follow our BOM list for a timing belt version and purchase all that is listed the price is around 890EUR without the electronics. If you pick the parts yourself and buy some things on eBay and other places you can have it as cheap as 600 EUR. You can also downgrade some things like shaft clamp etc. Many of the parts like motors and electronics can also be bought second hand on eBay for example

The electronics is around 200EUR and up depending on what you want. We will also include a BOM list for the electronics. One budget version and one with more expensive parts. The budget version uses Arduino and the more expensive list is for Drivers.

Threaded holes
You have tap the holes yourself. You will get thread instructions in the download. You will need 4,5,8mm taps (if you don’t use the metric system then choose the closest size.)

Is it difficult to build the machine?
Not really, if you are somewhat handy it will be no problems, just follow the video instructions and study the exploded drawings of the machine. I have had customers who successfully built our machines with their kids and without any experience at all. The electronics might seem scary but it’s easy, we will explain it all and you only need to follow our tutorials. All parts are drilled and cut in the right dimensions. If you are unsure you can buy one of our pre-built machines.

What can i cut with a Raw 1.5
You can cut almost anything, we use the machines to cut all the parts for your machine. We cut Aluminum, Plastics and wood. Look at the videos below this page to see the machine cut 8mm thick aluminum.

The package includes

  • 2x 8mm thick side plates
  • 4x 6mm corner plates
  • 2x 6mm Z-axis plates
  • 2x 6mm X-axis plates
  • 3x 4mm motor plates
  • 3x 4mm bearing plates
  • BOM list with links to most of the products needed
  • BOM list for the electronics
  • Downloadable extra drawings, tips and closeups when building the machine
  • Personal support by mail, phone or live chat



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