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Hardware for Raw 1.5 and EXTENDED

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Product Description

When you purchase this item, you will get access to the extra material on our site that will help you to build the machine. The extra material contains detailed illustrations of all 3 versions of the machine, Mach3 settings, Spindle settings, Auto tool settings and illustrations of the electronics. We have to grant access manually so please give us 24 hours to enable your membership.

If you are planning to build a large or a rack machine right away then this package is for you.  Along with this packege you will get video instructions and illustrations on how to build a small or large Raw 1.5 EXTENDED Machine. Note that we dont have time for support when building a large machine from scratc and we refere you to the forum and the included instructions. If you never buildt a machine before we recommend that you first build our smaller machine and then upgrade from there and if you are very new to this then we recommend you to buil one of our kits and then upgrade from there.

This package contains everything but aluminum profiles, Racks, plates and electronics

For a complete machine, you need this package and …

  • Electronics
  • Aluminum profiles ( for example)
  • Round steel bar  ( for example)
  • Shaf clamps (You can also glued the shafts with silicone)
  • Angular steel 40x40x4-5 1790mm 2pcs (Click here for an example)
  • Steel tube 40x60x2 1290mm 1 pcs (Click here for an example)
  • Racks and gear MOD 1 ( for example) We recommend that you buy the gears else where, they have low quality on the gears, they work but sounds alot.
  • Plates standard or Extended

These are all the screws and hardware needed to build a standard or a large Raw 1.5 EXTENDED, over 500 parts.

All screws are labeled and in separate bags.

The package includes over 500 pieces!

  • All M8 screws needed
  • All M6 Screws needed
  • All M5 screws needed
  • All M4 screws needed
  • All M3 screws needed
  • All M8 washers needed
  • All M5 washers needed
  • All M8 nuts needed
  • All M6 nuts needed
  • All M5 nuts needed
  • All M4 nuts needed
  • All flat screws needed to fasted the X-axis steel bar
  • All M5 t-nuts needed
  • All steel brackets needed to build the lower frame
  • All support band needed
  • All spacers needed
  • All aluminum Brackets needed
  • All connector plates needed
  • 4x 20mm SCE20UU
  • 4x Shaft Supports SHF20
  • 2x Flange bearings KFL000
  • 6x Switches
  • 1x Coupling 6,35/10
  • 1x 10mm Trapezoidal screw 33cm
  • 1x Delrin nut
  • 16x U-groove bearings
  • 2x steel shafts 20mm
  • 3x Bearing 608 (Racks version)
  • 12x Bearing 608 (Belt version)

When you have all these parts, you only follow the drawings and video instructions
Contact us for any questions


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Raw 1.5 Timing belt, Raw 1.5 racks, Raw 1.5 EXTENDED

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