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Du kan även välja räntefri Delbetalning upptill 24 månader via Payson. Läs mer om Payson här: www.payson.se

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Du kan även välja räntefri Delbetalning upptill 24 månader via Payson. Läs mer om Payson här: www.payson.se

Before you purchase a DIY kit you have to look at the instruction videos to make sure that you understand what you are up against. It’s not hard to build the machine for someone who is handy but this might not be for everyone. If you are unsure we have pre-built machines.

We send parts to whole EU. Note that all prices are without Swedish VAT (25%) If you don’t have a valid company the VAT will be added to the price.

This package includes everything except the aluminum profiles, rack or belts, plates and the electronics.

We have to break down the machine to smaller parts since we have customers all over the world. We can’t send longer parts than 50cm without very high shipping costs so we ask you to buy aluminum profiles and racks nearby or from a web shop close to you.

For a complete machine, you need This package and…

  • Plates and drawings: http://rawcnc.com/produkt/plates-for-raw1-5/
  • Electronics (You will get a detailed list over the electronics and where/what to buy in the plate package, there is a budget and a professional version)
  • Aluminium profiles and shafts/clamps/racks (Buy at Motedis.com You will get a detailed list where/what to buy in the plate package)
  • Steel bar 40x60x2mm around 100cm. (local hardware store)
  • Aluminum angle bar 20×20 100cm (for cable chain support)
  • A spindle/Router

This is all the screws and hardware needed to build the machine, over 500 pieces. It’s more economic and easy to buy this pack than everything separate since you often need to buy 100:ds of one sort of screw to get a good price. We made this package to make it easier for you. If you have a good source for screws and washers etc then buy from them and just buy the plates and drawings from us. If you buy our plates With BOM list the links to all parts will be in there but this will save you some time and money.

Choose hardware for the type of drive you will have, timing belt or Rack and pinions.

All screws are labeled and in separate bags.

The package includes over 500 pieces!

  • All M8 screws needed
  • All M6 Screws needed
  • All M5 screws needed
  • All M4 screws needed
  • All M3 screws needed
  • All M8 washers needed
  • All M5 washers needed
  • All M8 nuts needed
  • All M6 nuts needed
  • All M5 nuts needed
  • All M4 nuts needed
  • All flat screws needed to fasted the X-axis steel bar
  • All M5 t-nuts needed
  • All steel brackets needed to build the lower frame
  • All support band needed
  • All spacers needed
  • All aluminum Brackets needed
  • All connector plates needed
  • 4x 20mm SCE20UU
  • 4x Shaft Supports SHF20
  • 2x Flange bearings KFL000
  • 6x Switches
  • 1x Coupling 6,35/10
  • 1x 10mm Trapezoidal screw 33cm
  • 1x Delrin nut
  • 16x U-groove bearings
  • 2x steel shafts 20mm
  • 3x Bearing 608 (Racks version)
  • 12x Bearing 608 (Belt version)

When you have bougth this package and the plates/drawings http://rawcnc.com/produkt/plates-for-raw1-5/ the only thing you need to start building the machine is Aluminium profiles,  shaft clamps, shafts (and racks if you choose rack version) All this can be bought at Motedis.com. The steelbar is used as reinforcements for the x-axis and you can add that later if you like. In some cases the steelbar wont be needed depending on what you will cut. The plates comes with a detailed list and you will know exactly what you need to finnish the machine.

When you have all these parts just follow the video tutorials.

Contact us for any qestions

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Type of drive

Timing belt, Racks

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