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Product Description

Build a low budget Homemade DIY CNC machine

Building CNC machines can be one of the most fun projects you’ll ever do. It is educational and a great hobby. I have been building machines since 2009, 11 years at the time of writing and think it is as fun today as when I started. Building machines is easy but learning the basics may be difficult without guidance and the idea of this book is to help you on the way.

Raw is one of the first aluminum machines on the market and was first built around 2010. We have continuously updated the machine to make it stronger, cheap and modular. A Raw CNC machine can be compared to a more expensive machine and has an incredible precision for its price. What’s unique with a Raw CNC machine is that it uses industrial parts and strong electronics.

Raw is even used in professional environments to cut everything from aquariums to speakers all around the world. A standard Raw machine is built with Steel wheels that rolls on a steel axis. A Raw machine uses Racks, ball screw or 15mm steel reinforced timing belts and not 6 or 9mm belt that is more suitable for 3D printers. The machine comes in different versions and sizes from 100x100cm up to 130x180cm.

With this book comes a VIP membership on our home page dedicated to this book. You will get access to hours of video instructions and a forum where you can ask questions. Once logged in you will get access to over a decade of material like, Plates in .DXF format, Stencils for plates, Forum, and articles on how to wire inverters, Lasers and much more. The site has information that the book does not cover.

With this book you will learn how to build a machine from the beginning to the end. You can choose between 3 different machines in different price categories and precision. The book covers 1 machine and the rest ones logged in. We will also guide you through different electronics and materials to use if you want to build your own machine.

For non-European users
The book uses metrical measures and parts. You can still build the machines with non-metrical hardware, but it requires some modifications of the plates etc. We have had many customers that successfully built the machine with non-metrical parts and it’s up to you to decide. We have a guide on our homepage for non-Metric builds.


The book is avalible on our site or click this link!

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