Aluminum plates for standard Raw1.5 or EXTENDED version



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Product Description

When you purchase this item, you will get access to the extra material on our site that will help you to build the machine. The extra material contains detailed illustrations of all 3 versions of the machine, Mach3 settings, Spindle settings, Auto tool settings and illustrations of the electronics. You don’t need any other products than this to get access to the rest of the articles

Plates in thick aluminum.

To build the machine you will need the plates as well as…

What does it cost to build a Raw 1.5?
You can build the machine for about 600Eur and up without electronics depending on where you buy the parts. You can even downgrade some things like shaft clamp, etc. Many of the parts like motors and electronics can also be purchased used on eBay for example. The price of the electronics ranges from 100EUR and upwards depending on the quality.

Threaded holes
Choose Threading as an option. We thread all plates and drill/ thread the tension screw holes under some of the plates.
If you want to thread the holes yourself you need 4.5.8 mm taps for that. Make sure the taps are of good quality and use grease for each hole. Our Taps are in very good quality.

Machine type
You can choose to purchase the plates for a Standard 1.5 machine that fits both timing belt or racks. EXTENDED version requires more plates and is built with racks. If you are unsure, see our different drawings. The drawings are included in our articles and guides.

We can’t give personal support when you build the machine on your own. We refer you to our video instructions, illustrations, Facebook page or forum when you need help.

laser cut
The plates are laser cut and not polished ​​or grinded. You need to paint or brush the plates yourself.

Plates depending on Machine Type

2x 8mm thick side panels
4x 6mm thick corner plates
4x8mm thick corner plates (EXTENDED version)
2x 4mm thick side panels (EXTENDED version)
1x 4mm thick X-axis plate (EXTENDED version)
2x 6mm thick Z-axis plates
1x 6mm thick X-axis plate
1x 6mm thick X-axis front plate
3x 4mm thick motor plates
3x 4mm thick layer plates
Personal support by mail, phone or live chat


A video from CNC swede who cuts a branding iron with a Raw 1.5 with racks

Raw 1.5 Extended 1300x1800mm

15.000mm/min jogging

Raw 1.5 cutting aluminum


Raw 1.5 Speed and strength test

Cutting a fidget spinner

Additional information

Machine type

Standard Raw 1.5, EXTENDED version

Threaded holes

Yes, No

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