1,5 kW Spindle with inverter and 3,4,6mm ER11 collets


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Product Description

1.5 kW Air cooled  spindle and matching inverter with ER11 collets which means you can have end mills between 1-7mm. The collets are purchased separately. 6,4 and 3,175mm collets are included.

A spindle and inverter that fits for any kind of work.  These can be difficult to wire, support and instructions are included when purchasing this product.

Technical Parameter of 1.5 kW Air Cooled Spindle

To connect the spindle, approximately 5-6m of 3 power cables are needed. 4m between spindle and inverter and about 1-2m from inverter to contact
Note that the power cord and cord are not included as most countries have different standards.

1) Spec: 65 * 200 mm (diameter: 65mm x Length: 200mm)
2) Power: 1.5 KW
3) Voltage: 220V
4) Frequency: 400 Hz
5) Speed: 0-24000 R / min
6) Air Cooling
7) For Er11 collets

Technical Paramer for 1.5 kW variable frequency inverter
1) Voltage: 220V ± 15%
2) Output voltage – 208-240VAC (analogue to Voltage)
3) Input Frequency: 48-63 Hz
4) Output Frequency: 0-400 Hz
5) Input Phase: 1/3 phase


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