Instructions for assembling a pre-built kit

We build the machine and then dissemble it for easier transport. Its recommended that you are two people when you build the machine, it can weigh up to 100 kilos depending on size. A small as well as a large machine is built in the same way. After the machine is built, plug all the cables into the machine and connect the box to your PC that has a printer port and 32 bit operating system. Go to this guide to set up Mach3.
What is not included in our pre-assembled kit is the black Valchromat table as well as the front. They are too big and heavy to be included in this cheaper alternative. For the smaller machines you can cut strips (about 20cm wide) and fasten them at approximately 8.5mm intervals to be able to use the  clamps that came with the machine. For the larger machines, you can download this .dxf file table raw extended.dxf to cut out a table. The table should consist of 3 pcs 12mm MDF (can be painted black) or black Valchromat.

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