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Please reconsider your stance on selling plates / BOM / drawings

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    Björn Hallberg

    Sorry to gripe but we were very disappointed to find out that you discontinued selling instructions, drawings etc.

    Not only do we feel it is the wrong approach overall but you did in fact promise us just last week that we could come to some arrangement and that you would sell us the schematics / BOM / instructions at the very least. We were not happy when you changed up the entire business model and went back on your word to say the least.

    Alternatively you could always start selling steel plates again. If you are worried about disseminating the drawings. We do not really care about extra shipping costs and having it shipped separately since apparently having the plates manufactured locally by the end user is almost certainly more expensive anyhow because of one time setup costs.

    Also, consider raising your prices, for plates and drawings / BOM. Price is not the issue here, rather the frustration of not being able to build and realize the Raw to its full potential. I think overall you did a mistake by keeping prices low and offering so much of the instructions for free.

    Also, don’t offer technical support. Sell technical support or make people use the forum. The forum should of course for the most part be available only to paying customers.



    Hello, I need to change the way i sell this machine due to support etc. When i sell plates and boom list i get so much support that it’s impossible to handle. At one-point i got over 100 e-mails a day from Canada all the way to Thailand and i stopped answering them and now most of my customer thinks im ignorant. When i sell plates i don’t make much money and money is not what drives me but that much support for so less is not a good business model. By selling machines like the rest of the market (shapeko, x-carve etc) is much easier and i can handle the support and give good support instead of what is was.

    I have made the machine in a way that when you buy the cheapest version, like the one we have now then you have almost all parts needed to upgrade to bigger machines. There is not much money involved in these machines, they are extremely expensive to build and stock and i can barely make a living on them.

    So not much has changed, i sold plates and parts before and i still do but in bigger packages and to a competitive price, you can still build the larger EXTENDED model by changing the profiles and the instructions are 100% free. All of you who has been around for a while already have the .dxf files but many of you won’t be able to cut them cheaper than i sell them along with the other parts since i buy them in bulk, so buying the basic model and then upgrade will not be too expensive, I don’t charge much for the parts it’s the work I put in to each machine I charge for.

    I don’t want to raise any prices, I don’t want to sell a lot of parts like a retailer, I want to give good support for each machine, this is my project and I love it. I also don’t want to sell bigger machines than the basic model.

    Even if i stop offering technical support i will still get it, i can’t hardly start my chat function on the site without standing in front of the computer for at least an hour. Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do and sometimes I think I have the best job on the planet but when I get too much to do its tough.
    Let me just take a few steps back and i will figure something out, i need to rethink the whole project without wearing myself out.

    Anyone who is interested can fork the machine, but for me, i have been there and i can’t handle the support, im sorry for that.


    Björn Hallberg

    Would you at least consider making an exception and sell us the old hardware package for the extended model ( There are some nonstandard things in there that are proving difficult to source … like the TR10x3 screw and particularly the TR10x3 delrin nut. Do you tap these nuts yourself by any chance? The only option seems to be to step down to a TR10x2 thread and nut.



    I will decide on what to do in the beginning of the next year, the store is closed for now and will be for a while untill i know what to do…

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    Any news on that hardware pack? Will it be sold again and if so when will it be back in stock again?



    We will start to sell machines and parts tomorrow (Friday) with a 2 week delivery time.

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