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    Hi, Here are some pics from my extended Raw newly build.
    First the delivery :
    some parts :
    I decided to follow Janne advises and glue the shaft:
    Then I started the assembly:
    Painted plates:
    Instead of Valchromat I decided to make an aluminium bed for the machine:
    and finally:
    and my first cut from Fusion:

    I really like it so far, feel free to comment 🙂


    Olivier M

    Hello, very nice build indeed!
    It looks like you added steel brackets to strengthen the frame. Can you tell it bit more about it? Second question : what is the electronic and spindle used? Last question :
    Congratulations again.


    Olivier M

    Last question : where are you from? France?



    Hi Olivier,
    Yes I added some steel on the Y axis but more for the look 🙂 I don’t think it’s needed for that size as the Raw seems pretty stiff already, but I thought it fitted well with the aluminium bed 😉
    As for the electronic I’m using the kit sold by Janne, there’s not much info about it but it’s quite standard from what I’ve seen on different forum. The spindle is a 2.2KW water cooled driver by an Inverter and a small USB / RS485 adapter everything bought on eBay and it’s working well. I wanted to use my router bits and needed at least ER20 collet…
    My main complain about the machine would be the cable chain mount which takes a lot of space inside the working area and the DIN plugs which are really hard to sold (ended up wiring everything directly till I get some decent aviation connector). Apart from that it’s really great and I still have a lot to discover with the settings in Mach3 (what an old fashion program 😉

    And yes I’m from France near Paris 🙂



    Wow, thanks for the detailed instructions, and as you mention the steel support is not needed for machines under 100cm but to be honest i would add it to, you can’t make a machine to strong. Also to all of you out there, you can also fill the profiles with epoxy or concrete to make it super strong. DIN plugs are really small and hard to solder, but if you are born in the 70’s as i am it´s pretty standard and that how we wired Audio back in the 80’s 🙂
    Mach 3 might seem old fashion but it’s the best software there is when you learn it. Modern USB software don’t have all the features as Mach3 has like calibration switches etc.

    Also, about the cable chain. You can place the cable chain outside the machine but then it has to be fixed to the table like other machines, so it’s optional.

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    bonjour jerome je suis français et j aurai des question a propo de votre fraiseuse cnc



    J’essaierai de vous répondre au mieux Pierre 🙂



    vois avez commandé cette cnc complette ou vous avez rajouté des élément



    je veux me lancer dans la cnc car j ai pas mal de projet en tête et ça fait un moment que je regarde des video et cherche dans different site mais pas facile de faire le choix j ai un budget de 1800 euro environ est ce suffisant pour commencer
    merci jerome



    Bonjour Pierre,
    Afin de respecter la langue du forum, envoyer moi votre email sur anom[at]
    Je répondrai à vos questions 🙂


    Olivier Maas

    I am in the same situation where I would like to reuse router bits.
    Is the Z axis doing all right with the weight of 2.2kW spindle?
    Have you tried using your router bits – how hard can you push the CNC with those?



    Hi Olivier,
    I’ll be honest I didn’t make 100th tests but so far it’s very good. The Z axis has no problems whatsoever carrying my spindle which is very heavy. I’ve put a 5mm Festool endmill to cut beech and it’s very smooth. Didn’t try aluminium yet but I’ve seen others do it with great results (check cncswede youtube channel)
    I’ve never saw any other cnc machine at work but my Raw seems to cut in wood like in butter 🙂 and at that price i consider it’s a very good deal (compare with 6090 chinese cnc and you’ll see what I mean -> more expensive for less cutting area).
    Hope that help

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