Cut your own waste table Raw Extended XL

Instead of buying a waste table from us you can make your own
If you have the larger Raw Extended XL you can cut your own Waste table instead of buying it. We prefere 12mm Valchoromat but regular 12mm MDF will also work.


The table is cut in 3 pieces and the larger Extended XL (130x180cm) is big enough to cut one piece at the time, You can even cut half the table at once but the files provided it in 3 pieces.

The table has big holes so that you can create clamps from 4mm steel 20x120mm for example. Drill a hole trought the steel bar and slide in a M8 carriage bolt, washer and wingnut.

Här är en fil som du kan ladda direkt till Mach 3: Waste table mach3 use a 4mm endmill and 12mm Valchromat or MDF. Set the spindle speed at 18.000rpm or 300 HZ

Here is the .DXF file if you like to modify it  Waste table dxf