Electronic box for Raw 1.5

You can build one of the electronic box seen in the video after the machine is done. Just place the electronics on a piece of MDF or similar while you build and then move it all to your new box. All parts, .dxf files and instructions to build the electronic box will be included in Read more

Electronics for Raw 1.5

The electronics Many of you prefer to use your own electronics instead of the one we suggest and you can do what ever you like as long as the motors are standard nema23.  We recommend that you buy the electronics from eBay for example, it will be cheaper for you. The download contains a detailed Read more

How to extend a Raw 1.5 and reinforce it with steel

You can easily make a raw longer or shorter than the original 990x990mm. This requires that some of the parts needs to be replaced. To make a Raw 1.5 wider: All parts that has to be wider will be extended the same amount so for the A, B, C, D, E, F, G you just Read more

Instruction videos for Raw 1.5

Instruction videos for Raw 1.5 Here you will find all instructions on how to build the Raw 1.5 machine.  You can also look at all the exploded drawings that comes with the package to see how to build the machine. As a customer you will also get downloadable files with more instructions for each video Read more

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