Buy Raw 1.5 Source files

If you want to upgrade your Raw 1.3 or pick the parts your self you can buy the source and vector files. You can buy them here:

All the instruction videos on how to build the machine can be found here You will also find them and many other videos on You tube

Raw 1.5 Professional CNC machine DIY kit 990x990mm Source files

Raw 1.5 is an updated version of the popular Raw 1.3 machine. The big difference from 1.3 is the strength of the machine with double the thickness of plates and stronger construction. You can choose to have belt or racks as drive, both are good but racks make the machine a bit stronger.

A real CNC machine
This machine is very strong compared to the other DIY machines in this price range. The machine has steel reinforcements and quality parts and a real Z-axis construction. A complete Raw 1.5 weights around 50-60kg and is not made from weak plastic parts and 6mm thin timing belt. The machine has 6 safety, calibration and home switches and Z-axis touch of plate. You can equip the machine with Racks or timing belt. This is as close as you can come to a “real” CNC machine in this price range.

What can i cut wth a Raw 1.5
You can cut almost anything, we use the machines to cut all the parts for your machine. We cut Aluminum, Plastics and wood. Look at the videos below this page to see the machine cut 8mm thick aluminum.



Is it difficult to build the machine?
Not really, if you are somewhat handy it will be no problems, just follow the video instructions and study the exploded drawings of the machine. I have had customers who successfully built our machines with their kids and without any experience at all. The electronics might seem scary but it’s easy, we will explain it all and you only need to follow our tutorials.

Is it difficult to operate the machine?
It’s always tricky to do something new but after you have cut your first piece you will get a hang of it. It takes us a few minutes to setup the files to have them cut. Once you know how to do it, it’s easy.

On a budget? Do you like to build the machine but bigger? or are you upgrading?
No problems. just buy our plates or drawings with BOM list and you can do what ever you like. If you have a Raw 1.3 you will be able to use most of the parts to upgrade, the differences are the plates and the thickness of the Y-axis that is 80mm instead of 60mm. To upgrade you need to purchase the new plates and wider X-axis profiles from 60mm to 80mm. The plates are avalible as a separate product.

The electronics
Many of you prefer to use your own electronics instead of the one we suggest and you can do what ever you like as long as the motors are standard nema23.  We recommend that you buy the electronics from eBay for example, it will be cheaper for you. Go to our product “Electronics for Raw 1.5” to see what you need. You can buy our electronics if you are unsure but it will be more expensive. The electronic box seen in the instructions can be cut after the machine is built, we will include the .DXF files for the electronic box and you can modify it to fit your needs. There are .DXF files for arduino card and Drivers box. You got a CNC machine after all, so why not cut it yourself. Go to our product “Electronic box with DIN plugs” to see what you need (Swedish site, use the translator to your left). The drivers we use for our kits are DQ542MA

Belt or Racks?
You can choose to build the machine with timing belts or racks. Timing belt and 3 x pulleys is a good choice up to a certain length of the machine. Its recommended that you change the belt to racks if your machine will be longer than 1 meter to avoid “backlash”. Belt has a good precision and is both cheap and fast. Racks and 3 x pinions are better since it has less back lash and good speed but are more expensive. You should consider racks if you are planning to build the machine bigger or if you are cutting harder materials like Aluminum.

Threaded holes
The plates and some of the profiles need threaded holes. For this you need thread taps in size 4,5,8 mm. This is not difficult. Buy quality taps  that do not snap. If a tap  snaps in a hole, it’s almost impossible to get it out. The download includes a thread blue print.

Bigger machine?
Yes you can build this machine up to 130x200cm, go here for instructions:

Spindle or router
Choose a professional air-cooled 1,5 KW spindle with inverter for professionals or a standard router. The standard router is a cheap Makita, Bosh or Dewalt knockoff with an ok accuracy and perfect to start with, go to eBay and look for . We also have special adapters so that you can have 3,4,6,8mm endmills. The 1,5 KW spindle with inverter is for more professional use. You can choose to buy it else were since we charge for the installation and programming of the inverter but if you know how to do this, then buy it elsewhere to get it cheaper.

Base table
We dont include the base table seen in the pictures (The black table) but its very easy to make, its basicly 7x 12mm mdf or Valchromat cut in 13,5×93,5cm and then screwed in place. You can read our guide on how to manufacturer clamps to hold the materials you are cutting on place.

Painted plates
We don’t paint the plates for the kits, its only avalible for our pre-built machines. You can also leave the plates as they are and just brush them and add some finish. NOTICE! If you choose unpainted plates, you need to grind and paint them yourself (see pictures). The plates might have scratches and printed text on them. That is how we receive the material from our suppliers.

The machine comes without any softwares but there is free working demo versions of all the electronics needed. We use Mach3 to operate the machine, V-carve as Cam software and Google sketchup (free) for drawing.

Precision is a balance between user and machine. It’s all about how good your drawings are, spindle, rpm and how fast you cut. At a normal speed of around 2-4000m / min, the machine has a Measured precision of about 1/10mm
This machine is the result of many years of development. We have cut several thousand meters’ materials with machines like these and done that daily for many years. Your machine will be built by another Raw machine.

Steel reinforcements
We have removed them from the kit since they are too heavy to ship. But you can find a steel bar online or in your local hardware store. The size of the bar is 40x60x2mm and 80-100cm long (80cm for belt drive and around 100cm for racks) The machine is stable as it is, the steel reinforcements are optional. If you are planning to cut hard materials then please consider the steel bar. The small wedges on the side plates are not necessary, the plates are thick and they are not needed.

The Paypal fees are very high when it comes to these sums so we recommend that you do a bank payment. If not the Paypal fee will be added to the cost. If you choose bank payment you will find the Bank information in the mail after purchase. If not, just contact us and we will help you.

Yes its a lot to think of, but give us a call and we will help you to choose parts for your machine.


Width of X-axis: 990mm (1225mm total), Length: 1000mm
Cutting area: 765mm(width) x 720mm(length)
Clearens under the z axis: 125mm


To build the machine you will need

  • A stable table atleast 1x1m
  • Power drill
  • Drills 4-8mm
  • Taps 4,5,8 mm
  • Solder pen
  • A set of hex keys
  • A set of Screwdrivers
  • A set of wrench keys
  • Clamp
  • Metal file
  • Electric tape
  • Electric socket for the power supply and approximately 2 meter grounded cable (Not included since all countrys have different standards. You will find it in your local hardware store)

NOTE: the kit includes wiring of high current between the power supply and the electronics. This must be done by someone experienced. High current is dangerous. We do not take responsibilities for faulty wiring or injuries. The wiring from the electronics to motors and switches are low current and harmless.

To operate the machine you need:

  • Mach3 or 4 software (Demo avlaible)
  • CAM software like V-carve. There is many free CAM softwares, just search for ” Free Cam software”
  • A spindle or router and some endmills. We recomend that you cut with 3-4 mm endmils and use larger ones for clearing.
  • A computer with a 32 bit operating system and printer port. The operating system can be downloaded for free or you can buy it on ebay for 10EUR or so


All the instruction videos on how to build the machine can be found here  You will also find them and many other videos on You tube

Here is an example on the instructions on how to build the Raw 1.5 machine. When you receive your package, you will also get exploded drawings and additional instructions

15.000mm/min jogging

Raw 1.5 cutting aluminum


Raw 1.5 Speed and strength test

Cutting a fidget spinner

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